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    Matches 6,701 to 6,750 of 7,122

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    6701 Witnessed by: John Tick & Grace Alger X her mark. Family F2457
    6702 Witnessed by: John Walker & George Wright. Family F1212
    6703 Witnessed by: John Walker & Mary Lockwood Family F4369
    6704 Witnessed by: John Walker, Ann Barker, Anne Miller & George ? Family F1154
    6705 Witnessed by: John Walmsley & Sarah Hobson X her Mark. Family F1143
    6706 Witnessed by: John Whitehead & Philip Derbyshire. Family F82
    6707 Witnessed by: John Whitnshaw & Mary Maxwell Family F856
    6708 Witnessed by: John Whitwham & Jane Maxwell Family F851
    6709 Witnessed by: John William Roundell & Edith Alice Collbeck. Family F2963
    6710 Witnessed by: John William Roundell & Zillah Fullerton. Family F993
    6711 Witnessed by: John William Ryder & Nellie Ryder. Family F45
    6712 Witnessed by: John Wilso & Tabitha Buckle

    On Saturday, at the church of St. Dennis, York by the Rev. J. Sabben, Mr. Harker Brookes, farmer, Bewerley, near Pateley Bridge, to Emma, daughter of Mr. John Ianson, joiner, of Escrick. 
    Family F1096
    6713 Witnessed by: John Woodhead Nixon & Edith Wheelhouse. Family F3380
    6714 Witnessed by: John Woollard & Cassie Driver. Family F830
    6715 Witnessed by: John Wray & Eva Jennings. Family F235
    6716 Witnessed by: John Yeoman & George Umpleby. Family F1292
    6717 Witnessed by: Johnathon Marsden Buck & Elizabeth Bickerdike. Family F865
    6718 Witnessed by: Johnson Saller [?] & Richard Leonard Whitworth Family F4031
    6719 Witnessed by: John[?] Frederick Brook & James Ainley. Family F3186
    6720 Witnessed by: Jonathan ? & James Middleton. Family F4390
    6721 Witnessed by: Jonathan Gill & ?
    ? not sure on the day - not easy to read ? 
    Family F4010
    6722 Witnessed by: Jonathan [?] & John [?] Family F4054
    6723 Witnessed by: Joseph Blacka & Francis Joy. Family F3022
    6724 Witnessed by: Joseph Brook & John Mann Family F3304
    6725 Witnessed by: Joseph Burrill & William Hobson. Family F106
    6726 Witnessed by: Joseph Chatwood & Elizabeth Smithson X her mark. Family F3200
    6727 Witnessed by: Joseph Coates & R H Pickard. Family F1317
    6728 Witnessed by: Joseph Cundall & Susannah Willis. Family F2352
    6729 Witnessed by: Joseph Durham & Phoebe Brooks. Family F1775
    6730 Witnessed by: Joseph Elsworth & Mary Elsworth. Family F763
    6731 Witnessed by: Joseph Freeman & Amy Atkinson Family F3997
    6732 Witnessed by: Joseph Haigh & Mary Hannah Smith Family F3137
    6733 Witnessed by: Joseph Haithwaite & Margaret Haithwaite. Family F3226
    6734 Witnessed by: Joseph Hall & Henry Brogden. Family F7
    6735 Witnessed by: Joseph Hirst & Thomas Smith. Family F3174
    6736 Witnessed by: Joseph Horner & Daniel Ingleby.
    Godfrey Watson of Kirkby & Esther Richmond of this Parish.
    Family F1276
    6737 Witnessed by: Joseph Jackson & Elizabeth Ann Parks. Family F1788
    6738 Witnessed by: Joseph Johnstone & Donald McPhail. Family F2607
    6739 Witnessed by: Joseph Laurence & Ann Weatherhead. Family F4136
    6740 Witnessed by: Joseph Laurence & Charlotte Campbell Family F4267
    6741 Witnessed by: Joseph Leeming & Dorothy Hallam. Family F313
    6742 Witnessed by: Joseph Leeming & Elizabeth Leeming. Family F1064
    6743 Witnessed by: Joseph Leeming & Louisa Maxwell Family F171
    6744 Witnessed by: Joseph Mawson & Ralph Snowball. Family F1316
    6745 Witnessed by: Joseph Merriman & Agnes Gordon Family F2130
    6746 Witnessed by: Joseph Myers & John Burrill Family F497
    6747 Witnessed by: Joseph Smith & Eliza Smith. Family F1349
    6748 Witnessed by: Joseph Smith his X mark & Maria Smith Family F1920
    6749 Witnessed by: Joseph Speight & Eliza Boynton. Family F53
    6750 Witnessed by: Joseph Thomas Brooks X & Elizabeth Ann Greenhalgh. Family F2650

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