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Matches 7001 to 7050 of 7087

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1841 Leighton Park - Gamekeeper.
1851 Park Bottom, Healey - Gamekeeper.
1861 Ilton Village - Agricultural Labourer. 
7002 March 1862 Leyburn 9d 342 - see also June 1870 Leyburn 9d 348 age 67 Matthew WINTERSGILL
1871 Gounley Foot, Healey - age 28. 
7004 1891 Rose Cottage, Pannal - age 7, Scholar.
1901 Hornbank Farm, North Rigton - age 17, Horseman.
1911 Pannal Ash - age 27, Gardener. 
Arthur 'Clarence' WOOD
7005 Uses the middle name of Clarence at time of his Marriage in 1912 ? Arthur 'Clarence' WOOD
7006 David WOOD
7007 1841 Marshes, Fulstone - Fancy Weaver.
1851 Fulstone - Woolen Weaver. [Widower]
1861 Croft Nook, Shepley - Yeast Dealer. 
David WOOD
7008 Informant: Joseph Wood, Present at the Death. David WOOD
7009 Registered by: George Wood her Father. Deborah WOOD
7010 1946 - 1948: 25 Coronation Avenue, Harrogate. [written as Emily Brook] Emily Mary WOOD
7011 Informant: Norman Houseman, son of Hurst Garth, Dacre. Emily Mary WOOD
7012 Registered by: H Wood her mother. Emily Mary WOOD
7013 Informant: Henry Brooks, Widower of the deceased, Present at the Death. Emma WOOD

1911 2 Mansfield Place, Headingley - age 6 - at School. 
7015 Registered by: Deborah Wood her Mother. Eva Florence Alexandra WOOD
7016 1911 99 Palmer Street, Doncaster - Grocers Assistant. Ewart Randolph WOOD
7017 Informant: Hannah Wood his Wife. Ewart Randolph WOOD
7018 Registered by: Annie Elizabeth Wood his Mother. Ewart Randolph WOOD
7019 1841 Snow Gate Head, Fulstone - Fancy Hand Loom Weaver.
1851 Haigh Flatts, Denby - Fancy Weaver.
1861 New Row, Shepley - Power Loom Weaver. 
George WOOD
7020 1851 Haigh Flatts, Denby - age 3.
1861 New Row, Shepley - age 13 - Dryer of Wool.
1871 9 Sail Lane, York - Railway Guard.
1881 2 Chatsworth Place, Harrogate - Grocer & Tea Dealer.
1891 Rose Cottage, Hill Top Lane, Pannal - Confectioner.
1901 Rose Cottage, Pannal - Baker & Confectioner.
1911 Oak Dene, Pannal - Baker. 
George Henry WOOD
7021 1884 - 1892: Chatsworth Place, Harrogate - [House & Shop]
George Henry WOOD
7022 Informant: George Wood Father. George Henry WOOD
7023 Sept 1927 Wetherby 9a 133 George Henry WOOD
7024 Philip Wood gave me the name Reginald Wood no date of birth. I have yet to verify this but there is a George R Wood registered March 1913 Leeds 9b 716 mothers maiden name Bramham.

Nigel Brooks 2010 
George Reginald WOOD
7025 Gertrude Brooks of 30 Whinney Lane, Pannal Ash, Harrogate Widow died 22nd September 1959 Probate York 21st January 1960 to Olive Lee [wife of Eric Lee] & Elsie Brooks Spinster.

Effects: £1972 16s 7d 
Gertrude WOOD, [Smith]
7026 Informant was Olive Lee her Step Daughter of 1 Craig View Pannal Ash. Gertrude WOOD, [Smith]
7027 Smith was her Married name Gertrude WOOD, [Smith]
7028 Informant: Kenneth Leslie Gill her Great Nephew of the White House, Appleton Roebuck, York. Gladys Hairsine WOOD
7029 Daughter of Benjamin & Ann he a clothier. Hannah WOOD

1901 Rose Cottage, Pannal - age 24 - Widower - Ironmongers Assistant.
1911 2 Mansfield Place, Headingley - Tram Conductor. 
Harry WOOD
1901 Rose Cottage, Pannal - age 15.
1911 Oak Dene, Pannal - Bakers Assistant. 
James Percival WOOD
7032 Registered by: A E Wood his Mother. James Percival WOOD
7033 6th Daughter. Jane WOOD
1881 25 Grove Street, Huddersfield - Plumber.
1891 62 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield - Timekeeper in a Machine Shop.
1901 64 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield - Canal Timekeeper. 
7035 1851 Haigh Flatts, Denby - age 7, Scholar.
1861 [not found]

7036 Dec 1907 Huddersfield 9a 205 [confirm] John WOOD
7037 1891 62 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield - age 7, Scholar.
1901 64 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield - age 17, Black shoeing Smith.
1911 64 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield - age 27, Blacksmith [Brother].
John Frederick WOOD
7038 1913 64 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield [Marriage] John Frederick WOOD
7039 Registered by: Ann Elizabeth Wood his Mother. John George WOOD
7040 1841 [not found]
1851 Fulstone - age 24, Woolen Weaver.
1861 Croft Nook, Shepley age 34, Woolen Weaver.
1871 1 Croft Nook, Shepley - Woolen Weaver.
1881 Croft Nook, Shepley - Woolen Weaver.
1891 Gate Foot, Fulstone - Hand Loom Weaver.
1901 Union Workhouse, Huddersfield - Woolen Hand Loom Weaver. 
Joseph WOOD
7041 of Windsmill. Joseph WOOD

Memoirs of Ada Heath on Percy Brooks & Lucy May Wood.

"I had a cousin called Lucy [Wood] she married Percy Brooks. They lived at Pannal Ash & had 3 boys. Lucy was a marvellous cook & had worked at many places in Harrogate, occasionally they wanted her back, so I went to look after things while she was out. I went several times & liked it the boys were lovely. Cedric went to school in Pannal about 2 miles away. I would take the other 2 Kenneth & Bob in the pram every other day to Harlow Hill for bread & a nice walk. Grannie Brooks lived in a cottage not far away & used to say what a bonny lass I was. I had to cook Percy's meal at night & Lucy would come home tired, but was glad of the extra money. Percy worked at Bachelors but time went on & he had to join the forces a sad day for Lucy but I went just the same. Then one day a telegram came, Percy had been wounded. Things were never the same again he had 13 operations on his leg." 
Lucy May WOOD
7043 Informant E Brooks her son his address was Silver Street Masham. Lucy May WOOD
7044 Registered by: Hannah Wood her Mother. Lucy May WOOD
7045 In the Census it States Maria is the daughter of Esther Wood. the wife of Charles Morton. Although Maria's Birth Certificate states she is the daughter of Aaron & Esther Wood her Grandparents.

I have seen it before where the Grandparents have registered a child as their own. 
Maria WOOD
7046 Note: Grandparents Aaron Wood & Esther Wood (Boulding) have registered the birth as their daughter.

See Maria's Marriage & Esthers Census Records after her Marriage to Morton 
Maria WOOD
7047 June 1951 Claro 2c 110 Mary Lee WOOD
7048 1851 Beckwithshaw - age 6.
1861 Hay-a-Park - Servant.
1871 Beckwith Lodge - Servant.
1881 Haigh Cottage, Great George Street, Pannal - Gardener.
1891 Rose Cottage, Pannal - Agricultural Labourer.
1901 Pannal House Farm, - Farm Hand.
1911 Pannal Ash - Farm Labourer. 
Samuel WOOD
7049 Informant: G W Shutt preparing the body to be buried. Samuel WOOD
7050 Registered by: Ann Wood his Mother. Samuel WOOD

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