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    Matches 7,051 to 7,100 of 7,743

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    7051 Witnessed by: George Watson & Mary Ann Watson. Family F1275
    7052 Witnessed by: George Whincup & Lily Whincup. Family F10
    7053 Witnessed by: George Whincup & Marion Lily Whincup. Family F9
    7054 Witnessed by: George Wilkinson & Christopher Marsden. Family F1299
    7055 Witnessed by: Georgina D Steel, Sophie Ramsay, Crawshaw [Herbert William Brooks] & R J P Thomas. Family F1789
    7056 Witnessed by: Gordon Stanley Charles Baines & Frederick George Wilkins. Family F4463
    7057 Witnessed by: H G Cottle & Mrs M Savage.

    *Note Barbara Doris has listed her age as 39 and not 47. 
    Family F1069
    7058 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1210
    7059 Witnessed by: H M Mcleod & E M Clarke. Family F543
    7060 Witnessed by: H [thorpe]? & William Matthew Theakston. Family F618
    7061 Witnessed by: Hannah Barker & Frederick Inman. Family F565
    7062 Witnessed by: Hannah Brookes
    June 1855 Louth 7a 1185 [BROOKES] 
    Family F1877
    7063 Witnessed by: Hannah Lockwood & Thomas Atkinson Family F3376
    7064 Witnessed by: Hannah Lockwood, [?] Wheelwright, [?] Doyle & Michael[?] Wheelwright. Family F3429
    7065 Witnessed by: Hannah Pease & John Culloden. Family F3125
    7066 Witnessed by: Harold Barnett, Mary Ellen Horton & Kirby Horton. Family F1353
    7067 Witnessed by: Harold Brooks & Doris Millbank. Family F1359
    7068 Witnessed by: Harold Cedric Brooks & Desmond Addyman. Family F1047
    7069 Witnessed by: Harold Fenton & Clara Dyson. Family F1724
    7070 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1185
    7071 Witnessed by: Harriet Kay & Annie E Kay Family F3382
    7072 Witnessed by: Harriet Price & Lucy Barnsley Family F3108
    7073 Witnessed by: Harriet Ra[p]son ? & James Marshall. Family F2350
    7074 Witnessed by: Harriett Smith & Charles Brooks Family F2073
    7075 Witnessed by: Harris Leeming & Dinah Hallam. Family F332
    7076 Witnessed by: Harry Cooper Merryman? - the X of Elizabeth Dibble? Family F2136
    7077 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F4023
    7078 Witnessed by: Harry Fountain & ? [Sykes] Firth. Family F2408
    7079 Witnessed by: Harry Hirst & Hannah Davis Family F823
    7080 Witnessed by: Harry Lawson & George Dean. Family F47
    7081 Witnessed by: Henry B Pal? & Jane Leeming. Family F625
    7082 Witnessed by: Henry Barracliffe & Herbert Barracliffe. Family F2510
    7083 Witnessed by: Henry Barrett & Jane Brooks. Family F1095
    7084 Witnessed by: Henry Bradley & Mary Hannah Robinson. Family F75
    7085 Witnessed by: Henry Brooks & Samuel Wood. Family F2
    7086 Witnessed by: Henry Chapman & Betty Ann Baker. Family F788
    7087 Witnessed by: Henry Currie & Jane Henderson. Family F169
    7088 Witnessed by: Henry Hopps & George Simpson.

    John Anderson, Bachelor & Jane Brotherton of Hampsthwaite.
    Family F761
    7089 Witnessed by: Henry Ideson & Sarah Nelson Family F3311
    7090 Witnessed by: Henry James German and Elizabeth Copeland. Family F2839
    7091 Witnessed by: Henry Leaming & Lillian Brooks. Family F1358
    7092 Witnessed by: Henry Leek ? & Mary Jane Corpes. Family F602
    7093 Witnessed by: Henry Lucas, Ann Winchester & J Carpenter. Family F1668
    7094 Witnessed by: Henry Malthouse & Sussex Ryder. Family F661
    7095 Witnessed by: Henry Perrott & Harriet Stainer Family F4400
    7096 Witnessed by: Henry Raper & Elizabeth Raper. Family F61
    7097 Witnessed by: Henry Thomas & Joseph Schofield. Family F4389
    7098 Witnessed by: Henry Watson & Mary Chapman. Family F2448
    7099 Witnessed by: Henry [?] & Anthony Dean. Family F3134
    7100 Witnessed by: Herbert Johnson & Angelina Lockwood. Family F3416

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