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    Matches 7,151 to 7,170 of 7,170

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    7151 Witnessed by:John Hardcastle & Robert Fryer Family F804
    7152 Witnessed by:John Jenkin & Emma Brookes. Family F1100
    7153 Witnessed by:William Heslington & William Thirkill. Family F1109
    7154 Witnessed by:William Moore & George Smith Family F898
    7155 Witnesses to James & Annie's wedding were Thomas Leeming, Mabel Holgate & Florence Holgate Armitage

    Notice of the wedding appears in the Whardedale & Airedale Observer of 28 Nov. 1913 
    Family F873
    7156 Witnesses were James Welch & William Henry Robson Family F900
    7157 Witnesses were John Robert Leeming & Florence Maud Leeming. Family F868
    7158 Witnesses were Martha Sissons and John Lichly. Family F884
    7159 Witnesses were Philip Cole and Fanny Leeming. Family F885
    7160 working for Dr Paley - she is living at St agnesgate - is this Dr Paley's residence? RICHMOND, Ann (I2945)
    7161 World War 1 draft papers give date of birth as 2nd May 1876. BROOKS, William Earnest Carmichael (I6789)
    7162 X match found between descendant's of Jane Ann Whincup & Kate Whincup
    Total of 8.63 cM 
    DOBSON, Lilly (I22)
    7163 YDNA & BigY DNA tests via a descendant John Brooks BROOKS, John Jr (I4756)
    7164 YDNA & BigY DNA tests via a descendant of Thomas Brooks BROOKS, Thomas [unproven] (I4802)
    7165 YDNA & BigY tests done by a descendant of Martin P Brooks BROOK, Martin P (I12087)
    7166 Year of birth taken from Burial record age 75 in 1810. CALVERT, Elizabeth (I1735)
    7167 [BROOKES] March 1862 Stourbridge 6c 139 Family F1748
    7168 [Brooke] BROOK, Emma (I12290)
    7169 [Diana] Brooks
    Witnessed by: Peter ? & Henry ? 
    Family F1763
    7170 [not confirmed] 2011 - Dec 1842 Dewsbury 22 23 Family F1304

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