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    Dewsbury, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 53.6846765, Longitude: -1.6365696


    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BELLWOOD, Charles Normington  20 Dec 1920Dewsbury, Yorkshire I7956
    2 BELLWOOD, Eva  CA 1915Dewsbury, Yorkshire I7957
    3 CROSS, Lillian Margaret  19 Feb 1917Dewsbury, Yorkshire I9925
    4 FULLERTON, Elsie  Abt 1892Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3386
    5 FULLERTON, Harold  Abt 1897Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3387
    6 FULLERTON, John  Abt 1866Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3385
    7 HINCHCLIFFE, Ada  CA 1866Dewsbury, Yorkshire I9986
    8 HIRST, Sarah Helen  CA 1877Dewsbury, Yorkshire I12516
    9 LEEMING, Tom  CA 1906Dewsbury, Yorkshire I8009
    10 LOCKWOOD, Charles  CA 1825Dewsbury, Yorkshire I4399
    11 LOCKWOOD, George  CA 1866Dewsbury, Yorkshire I10670
    12 LODGE, Ann  CA 1810Dewsbury, Yorkshire I11564
    13 ROUNDELL, Rose Lena  Abt 1878Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3389
    14 STAPLETON, Elizabeth  CA 1819Dewsbury, Yorkshire I2574
    15 WOMERSLEY, Laura  CA 1882Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3951
    16 WOOD, William  CA 1821Dewsbury, Yorkshire I11956


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BELLWOOD, Charles Normington  10 Apr 1916Dewsbury, Yorkshire I2516
    2 BELLWOOD, Eva  CA 1916Dewsbury, Yorkshire I7957
    3 FEARNLEY, Florence Gertrude R  CA 1952Dewsbury, Yorkshire I10057
    4 FIELDING, Margaret  CA 1874Dewsbury, Yorkshire I13527
    5 JACKSON, Ann Eliza  30 Mar 1906Dewsbury, Yorkshire I2521
    6 LOCKWOOD, Samuel  CA 1913Dewsbury, Yorkshire I4398
    7 ROBINSON, Christiana  CA 1911Dewsbury, Yorkshire I262
    8 ROUNDELL, Annie E  CA 1893Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3388
    9 ROUNDELL, John William  CA 1936Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3384
    10 ROUNDELL, Rose Lena  CA 1949Dewsbury, Yorkshire I3389
    11 SHERWOOD, Joseph H  CA 1937Dewsbury, Yorkshire I9985
    12 WARD, Jane  CA 1878Dewsbury, Yorkshire I4401
    13 WATSON, George Percy  13 Apr 1966Dewsbury, Yorkshire I9934


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOKE / LOADER  CA 1952Dewsbury, Yorkshire F4408
    2 BROOKE / THORNES  CA 1925Dewsbury, Yorkshire F4409
    3 CROSS / JESSOP  CA 1914Dewsbury, Yorkshire F2943
    4 FULLERTON / ROUNDELL  9 Sep 1890Dewsbury, Yorkshire F993
    5 HERRINGTON / MANN  CA 1875Dewsbury, Yorkshire F2336
    6 LOCKWOOD / GLEDHILL  CA 1842Dewsbury, Yorkshire F1304
    7 LOCKWOOD / KERSHAW  CA 1888Dewsbury, Yorkshire F1306
    8 LOCKWOOD / WARD  CA 1865Dewsbury, Yorkshire F1305
    9 NEWSOME / WOOD  25 May 1872Dewsbury, Yorkshire F308
    10 ROUNDELL / HINCHCLIFFE  CA 1894Dewsbury, Yorkshire F2964
    11 TAYLOR /   Abt 1850Dewsbury, Yorkshire F2141
    12 WATSON / CROSS  CA 1936Dewsbury, Yorkshire F2944