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    Leeds, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 53.7922333, Longitude: -1.5445500


    Matches 1 to 50 of 179

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Ann  CA 1812Leeds, Yorkshire I14417
    2 ADDINALL, Leslie  CA 1943Leeds, Yorkshire I11504
    3 AINLEY, Edwin  CA 1866Leeds, Yorkshire I6479
    4 BEAUMONT, Harry  CA 1866Leeds, Yorkshire I13020
    5 BEAUMONT, Hettie  CA 1902Leeds, Yorkshire I13022
    6 BEAUMONT, William Brooks  CA 1903Leeds, Yorkshire I13023
    7 BOGGETT, John Thomas  CA 1855Leeds, Yorkshire I14788
    8 BOGGITT, John  CA 1881Leeds, Yorkshire I14786
    9 BOGGITT, John  CA 1916Leeds, Yorkshire I14784
    10 BORCHARDT, Francis  CA 1904Leeds, Yorkshire I7599
    11 BORCHARDT, Philip  8 Mar 1907Leeds, Yorkshire I4312
    12 BORCHARDT, Sidney Walter  3 Aug 1900Leeds, Yorkshire I7597
    13 BOTTOMLEY, Ada Lavinia  CA 1871Leeds, Yorkshire I15089
    14 BROADBENT, Robert  Abt 1836Leeds, Yorkshire I3685
    15 BROOK, Ann E  CA 1851Leeds, Yorkshire I5751
    16 BROOK, Arthur  CA 1875Leeds, Yorkshire I11959
    17 BROOK, Eileen P  CA 1932Leeds, Yorkshire I15084
    18 BROOK, Maud  CA 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I11960
    19 BROOK, Robert  CA 1826Leeds, Yorkshire I6186
    20 BROOKE, Douglas  CA 1907Leeds, Yorkshire I11962
    21 BROOKES, David  CA 1835Leeds, Yorkshire I6000
    22 BROOKES, Ivy Mary  CA 1899Leeds, Yorkshire I15042
    23 BROOKES, Joseph  CA 1838Leeds, Yorkshire I6001
    24 BROOKES, Mary Ann  CA 1840Leeds, Yorkshire I6002
    25 BROOKS, Ada  CA 1906Leeds, Yorkshire I4421
    26 BROOKS, Albert Edward  CA 1901Leeds, Yorkshire I6463
    27 BROOKS, Alfred  Abt 1858Leeds, Yorkshire I2588
    28 BROOKS, Amy  Abt 1868Leeds, Yorkshire I2614
    29 BROOKS, Arthur  Abt 1874Leeds, Yorkshire I3329
    30 BROOKS, Bertha  Abt 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I5536
    31 BROOKS, Charles  CA 1851Leeds, Yorkshire I5666
    32 BROOKS, Doris Kate  1 Oct 1897Leeds, Yorkshire I8133
    33 BROOKS, Edwin Albert  Abt 1871Leeds, Yorkshire I3328
    34 BROOKS, Emma  Abt 1843Leeds, Yorkshire I2571
    35 BROOKS, Esther Ann  Abt 1831Leeds, Yorkshire I3723
    36 BROOKS, Eva  Abt 1883Leeds, Yorkshire I2624
    37 BROOKS, Eveline  CA 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I5412
    38 BROOKS, Florence Edith  Abt 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I2625
    39 BROOKS, Florence Eva  CA 1896Leeds, Yorkshire I6461
    40 BROOKS, Frank  Abt 1900Leeds, Yorkshire I5540
    41 BROOKS, Frederick William  CA 1903Leeds, Yorkshire I6464
    42 BROOKS, George  CA 1911Leeds, Yorkshire I6467
    43 BROOKS, Gertrude  Abt 1896Leeds, Yorkshire I5538
    44 BROOKS, Harriet  Abt 1877Leeds, Yorkshire I3330
    45 BROOKS, Harry  21 Sep 1903Leeds, Yorkshire I8421
    46 BROOKS, Henry  Abt 1893Leeds, Yorkshire I5537
    47 BROOKS, Henry  CA 1899Leeds, Yorkshire I6462
    48 BROOKS, Herbert  Abt 1889Leeds, Yorkshire I5535
    49 BROOKS, Herbert  CA 1909Leeds, Yorkshire I6466
    50 BROOKS, John  Abt 1887Leeds, Yorkshire I5534

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 73

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ADDINALL, Leslie  CA 1943Leeds, Yorkshire I11504
    2 AINSLEY, Edwin Victor  12 Sep 1971Leeds, Yorkshire I1238
    3 BEAUMONT, Dorothy  20 Apr 2005Leeds, Yorkshire I1211
    4 BELLWOOD, Charles William  CA 1934Leeds, Yorkshire I2525
    5 BOGGETT, Christopher  CA 1883Leeds, Yorkshire I14790
    6 BOGGETT, John Thomas  CA 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I14788
    7 BOGGITT, John  CA 1941Leeds, Yorkshire I14786
    8 BROOKS, Ada Annie  CA 1939Leeds, Yorkshire I8131
    9 BROOKS, Doris Kate  13 Jun 1985Leeds, Yorkshire I8133
    10 BROOKS, Ernest George  22 May 1927Leeds, Yorkshire I8129
    11 BROOKS, Harry  CA 1988Leeds, Yorkshire I8421
    12 BROOKS, Henry  CA 1937Leeds, Yorkshire I6459
    13 BROOKS, Herbert  CA 1911Leeds, Yorkshire I6466
    14 BROOKS, John Edward  CA 1891Leeds, Yorkshire I3678
    15 BROOKS, Joseph Edmund  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire I2612
    16 BROOKS, Nellie Elizabeth Mary  CA 1972Leeds, Yorkshire I8130
    17 BROOKS, Redvers  CA 1946Leeds, Yorkshire I8420
    18 BROOKS, Victor Tom  CA 1976Leeds, Yorkshire I8132
    19 BROOKS, Winifred Beatrice  CA 1988Leeds, Yorkshire I8422
    20 BROWN, Christiana  3 Dec 1908Leeds, Yorkshire I10004
    21 BROWN, Trothy  CA 1912Leeds, Yorkshire I10005
    22 BUCKLE, Mary  CA 1901Leeds, Yorkshire I14791
    23 CAWTHERA, William  CA 1934Leeds, Yorkshire I11416
    24 CLAY, Hannah Eliza  CA 1928Leeds, Yorkshire I6460
    25 COATES, Mary  CA 1876Leeds, Yorkshire I4438
    26 COOPER, Thomas William  28 Oct 1973Leeds, Yorkshire I3824
    27 COWLING, John William  CA 1943Leeds, Yorkshire I10305
    28 COWLING, Lawrence  4 Apr 1964Leeds, Yorkshire I10303
    29 DAWSON, Desmond Cecil  13 Sep 2002Leeds, Yorkshire I681
    30 DEAN, Dora  CA 1908Leeds, Yorkshire I6554
    31 DEAN, Mabel  CA 1906Leeds, Yorkshire I6555
    32 DIXON, William  CA 1892Leeds, Yorkshire I9939
    33 FIRTH, Fanny Beatrice  CA 1948Leeds, Yorkshire I7955
    34 FREEMAN, Goldie  19 Dec 1983Leeds, Yorkshire I6474
    35 GOODE, Percy Henry  13 Aug 1990Leeds, Yorkshire I3102
    36 GRIMSHAW, Bessie  23 Nov 1973Leeds, Yorkshire I672
    37 HARRISON, Nellie  Abt 1968Leeds, Yorkshire I1952
    38 HOPTON, Daisy  CA 1969Leeds, Yorkshire I10304
    39 HOWARD, Rachel  Abt 1871Leeds, Yorkshire I3722
    40 HOWDEN, Eileen  CA 1947Leeds, Yorkshire I11501
    41 HOWDEN, Joseph A  CA 1949Leeds, Yorkshire I11500
    42 JACKSON, Ann Olivia  22 Dec 1927Leeds, Yorkshire I10007
    43 KNOWLES, Bertram  Abt 1975Leeds, Yorkshire I403
    44 LAYTON, Ralph Mesnil  Abt 2003Leeds, Yorkshire I1958
    45 LEEMAN, Maria  CA 1914Leeds, Yorkshire I14789
    46 LEEMING, Robert Owen  CA 1980Leeds, Yorkshire I8011
    47 LEEMING, Thomas  31 Jan 1864Leeds, Yorkshire I2671
    48 LITTLEWOOD, Alma May  Abt 1999Leeds, Yorkshire I1240
    49 LOCKWOOD, Margaret  14 Jan 1999Leeds, Yorkshire I14754
    50 MATHERS, John William  CA 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I4442

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration    Person ID 
    1 BROOKS, Derek Robert  2 Jun 1982Leeds, Yorkshire I12618


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 LEEMING, Edward  10 Sep 1857Leeds, Yorkshire I14428


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
    1 WHINCUP, Joseph  30/06/1855 till 20/02/1877Leeds, Yorkshire I628


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
    1 LEEMING, Arthur Raymond  23 Mar 1984Leeds, Yorkshire I13707


    Matches 1 to 34 of 34

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 AINLEY / LEEMING  CA 1863Leeds, Yorkshire F1949
    2 AINSLEY / LONGSTER  Abt 1941Leeds, Yorkshire F373
    3 BROOK / DAVIES [UNPROVEN]  CA 1868Leeds, Yorkshire F1753
    4 BROOK / [MAIDEN NAME UNKNOWN]  CA 1859Leeds, Yorkshire F1754
    5 BROOKS / BROTHERTON  Abt 1884Leeds, Yorkshire F1715
    6 BROOKS / COLLINGWOOD  Abt 1867Leeds, Yorkshire F980
    7 BROOKS / FREEMAN  27 Apr 1923Leeds, Yorkshire F1947
    8 BROOKS / LUBELSKI  CA 1899Leeds, Yorkshire F4224
    9 BURRILL / WOOD  Abt 1879Leeds, Yorkshire F486
    10 BUTLER / SCOTT  Abt 1882Leeds, Yorkshire F706
    11 CLARK / DOBSON  Abt 1873Leeds, Yorkshire F718
    12 CORKER / HUDSON  CA 1869Leeds, Yorkshire F3000
    13 DOBSON / VARLEY  Abt 1856Leeds, Yorkshire F727
    14 INMAN / SMITH  CA 1867Leeds, Yorkshire F1038
    15 JACKSON / BROWN  CA 1855Leeds, Yorkshire F2972
    16 KERSHAW / DOBSON  CA 1905Leeds, Yorkshire F4187
    17 KNOWLES / HILL  1955Leeds, Yorkshire F115
    18 LEEMING /   3 Jul 1948Leeds, Yorkshire F869
    19 LEEMING / COYNE  CA 1950Leeds, Yorkshire F2426
    20 LEEMING / JAMES (SELLERS)  Abt 1874Leeds, Yorkshire F937
    21 LEEMING / SAXTON  Abt 1848Leeds, Yorkshire F631
    22 MATHERS / PROCTOR  CA 1875Leeds, Yorkshire F1319
    23 MAWER / LEEMING  Abt 1873Leeds, Yorkshire F911
    24 MCLANDSBOROUGH / PLACKET  CA 1895Leeds, Yorkshire F1131
    25 PEACE / BROOK  CA 1954Leeds, Yorkshire F4525
    26 PICKLES / ASQUITH  Abt 1884Leeds, Yorkshire F3329
    27 PICKLES / PICKLES  Abt 1871Leeds, Yorkshire F3328
    28 RAWSON / LEEMING  Abt 1897Leeds, Yorkshire F820
    29 RUMFITT / BROWN  CA 1855Leeds, Yorkshire F2974
    30 SCHOFIELD / JONES  CA 1916Leeds, Yorkshire F4351
    31 SHAW / WADDINGTON  18 May 1929Leeds, Yorkshire F251
    32 SMITH / JAGGER  CA 1856Leeds, Yorkshire F1247
    33 WARDMAN / DODD  Abt 1880Leeds, Yorkshire F276
    34 WIGGLESWORTH / STRICKLAND  CA 1842Leeds, Yorkshire F1108