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    Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 54.1611194, Longitude: -1.6477250


    Matches 1 to 36 of 36

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BEAUMONT, Dorothy  25 Jun 1917Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1211
    2 BRADLEY, Dorothy  CA 1822Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I3064
    3 BRANTFOOT, Dorothy  Abt 1807Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2697
    4 BROWN, Charles  Abt 1801Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2067
    5 BURRELL, Leonard  Abt 1726Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I972
    6 BURRILL, Martin  Abt 1888Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I960
    7 CLARK, Thomas  Abt 1859Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2094
    8 CLARK, William  Abt 1888Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1604
    9 FOSTER, Robert  Abt 1806Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I929
    10 GILL, Isabella  CA 1830Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I11265
    11 KING, Ann  Abt 1809Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I930
    12 KING, James  1 Mar 1878Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I946
    13 KING, Jane  Abt 1819Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I934
    14 KING, Margaret Ellen  Abt 1866Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I941
    15 KING, Thomas  Abt 1836Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I936
    16 LAMBERT, Margaret  Abt 1822Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I3428
    17 LEEMING, Thomas Richard  1860Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2950
    18 LONGSTER, Ada  Abt 1875Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1417
    19 LONGSTER, Annie  Abt 1863Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1412
    20 LONGSTER, Emma  Abt 1872Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1416
    21 LONGSTER, Fred  Abt 1867Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1414
    22 LONGSTER, John  Abt 1871Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1415
    23 LONGSTER, Mary  Abt 1866Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1413
    24 SMITH, Cyril S  CA 1913Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8986
    25 SMITH, Thomas H  CA 1914Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8987
    26 WATSON, Ann  Abt 1833Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1432
    27 WATSON, Ann  Abt 1858Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1427
    28 WATSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1844Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1436
    29 WATSON, George  Abt 1841Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1435
    30 WATSON, Godfrey  CA 1754Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I4320
    31 WATSON, James  19 Mar 1839Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1434
    32 WATSON, John  Abt 1859Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1428
    33 WATSON, John Thomas  Abt 1887Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1419
    34 WATSON, Thomas  Abt 1859Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1418
    35 WATSON, William  2 Sep 1838Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1433
    36 WILKINSON, John  Abt 1743Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1189


    Matches 1 to 28 of 28

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
    1 BURRILL, Dora  3 Apr 1892Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I987
    2 BURRILL, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1777Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I977
    3 BURRILL, John  11 Nov 1769Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I975
    4 BURRILL, Margaret  16 Jan 1898Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I988
    5 BURRILL, Martin  5 Aug 1888Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I960
    6 BURRILL, Mary  28 Jun 1763Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I974
    7 BURRILL, Robert Henry  11 Jan 1863Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I967
    8 CUNDALL, Susanna  1 Apr 1799Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I970
    9 FOSTER, Robert  24 Aug 1806Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I929
    10 KING, Elizabeth  28 Feb 1817Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I933
    11 KING, Elizabeth  14 Mar 1875Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I951
    12 KING, Ellen  6 Jul 1880Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I955
    13 KING, Emma  5 May 1884Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I957
    14 KING, Jane  29 May 1819Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I934
    15 KING, Jane  2 Nov 1881Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I956
    16 KING, John  29 Dec 1811Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I931
    17 KING, John  22 Jan 1838Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I937
    18 KING, John William  3 Sep 1876Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I952
    19 KING, Margaret  27 Nov 1870Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I948
    20 KING, Margaret Ellen  9 Jun 1867Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I941
    21 KING, Mary  12 Feb 1815Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I932
    22 KING, Mary  13 Aug 1871Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I949
    23 KING, Reuben  8 Feb 1840Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I938
    24 KING, Reuben  10 Oct 1869Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I942
    25 KING, Robert  3 Jul 1842Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I939
    26 KING, Robert  2 Mar 1879Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I954
    27 KING, Thomas  23 Feb 1836Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I936
    28 KING, Thomas Barker  19 Aug 1877Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I953


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BEAUMONT, Frederick  Abt 1960Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I1209
    2 SIMPSON, Martha  CA 1916Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8981
    3 UMPLEBY, Jane  Abt 1900Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I964


    Matches 1 to 22 of 22

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 BARKER, Margaret  10 Jan 1869Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I935
    2 BOGGETT, Thomas  4 May 1691Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I14779
    3 BURNESTON  6 Jan 1698Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8600
    4 BURNESTON, Leonard  31 Mar 1728Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I6786
    5 BURNESTON, Richard  CA 1695Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8598
    6 BURRELL, John  24 Aug 1760Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I978
    7 BURRELL, John  6 Oct 1819Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I981
    8 BURRELL, Leonard  21 Jul 1808Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I972
    9 BURRILL, John  7 May 1821Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I975
    10 BURRILL, Margaret  1 Jan 1769Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I976
    11 BURRILL, Martin  6 Dec 1893Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I960
    12 BURRILL, Peter  22 Oct 1863Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I969
    13 BURRILL, Robert Henry  10 Oct 1876Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I967
    14 CLARKSON, Sarah  10 Apr 1705Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8599
    15 CUNDALL, Susanna  1 Apr 1876Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I970
    16 FOSTER, Mary  17 Jun 1874Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I577
    17 HEBDEN, Mary  25 Jan 1823Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I973
    18 KING, Issac  2 Jun 1886Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I958
    19 KING, John  23 Nov 1862Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I928
    20 KING, John  19 Oct 1877Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I931
    21 KING, Reuben  2 Jun 1873Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I942
    22 SMITH, Mary  10 Jan 1726Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I3550


    Matches 1 to 19 of 19

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 BURNESTON, Elizabeth  14 Nov 1699Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I979
    2 BURNESTON, Mary  9 Dec 1694Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8597
    3 BURNESTON, Richard  4 May 1690Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8598
    4 BURNESTON, Sarah  22 Aug 1686Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I8601
    5 BURRELL, Joseph  11 Apr 1730Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I982
    6 BURRELL, William  11 Mar 1733Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I372
    7 BURRILL, Ann  22 Sep 1745Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I986
    8 BURRILL, Elizabeth  15 Nov 1738Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I984
    9 BURRILL, John  20 Oct 1827Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I963
    10 BURRILL, Peter  25 Aug 1782Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I969
    11 BURRILL, Richard  15 Jun 1735Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I983
    12 BURRILL, Sarah  9 Dec 1742Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I985
    13 LEEMING, Eliza  27 Apr 1834Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2913
    14 LEEMING, Thomas Richard  26 Dec 1860Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2950
    15 RICHMOND, Ann  17 May 1835Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2945
    16 WATSON, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1770Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I10317
    17 WATSON, John  1 Jan 1777Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I3632
    18 WATSON, Margaret  28 May 1774Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I10318
    19 WATSON, Thomas  11 May 1767Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire I2879


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BURNESTON / CLARKSON  3 Sep 1685Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F2048
    2 BURRALL / SMITH  24 May 1688Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F1044
    3 BURRILL / CUNDALL  18 Sep 1799Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F154
    4 BURRILL / CUNDALL  7 Jun 1827Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F290
    5 BURRILL / SMITH  9 Jul 1827Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F477
    6 BURRILL / UMPLEBY  26 Aug 1854Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F289
    7 KING / BARKER  12 Nov 1835Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F285
    8 KING / FOSTER  1 Mar 1808Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F283
    9 LEEMING / BRANTFOOT  7 Oct 1826Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F813
    10 SOWDEN / BEAUMONT  17 Jan 1938Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F365
    11 UMPLEBY / BURRILL  28 Feb 1775Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F353
    12 WOOD / HANLEY  17 Nov 1794Kirkby Malzeard, Yorkshire F359