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    Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 54.1345523, Longitude: -1.8316283


    Matches 1 to 50 of 74

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ATKINSON, Ann  CA 1849Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3858
    2 ATKINSON, Eleanor  CA 1890Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3874
    3 ATKINSON, Ellen  CA 1846Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3856
    4 ATKINSON, Esther  Abt 1821Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1658
    5 ATKINSON, Esther  CA 1842Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3878
    6 ATKINSON, Esther  CA 1848Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3857
    7 ATKINSON, Esther Annie  CA 1882Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3871
    8 ATKINSON, John  CA 1852Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3859
    9 ATKINSON, Joseph Myers  CA 1887Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3873
    10 ATKINSON, Sarah  CA 1843Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3855
    11 ATKINSON, Stephen  CA 1816Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3853
    12 ATKINSON, William  CA 1884Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3872
    13 BECK, Hannah  Abt 1848Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2079
    14 BECK, Jane  Abt 1833Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2071
    15 BECK, John  Abt 1797Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2068
    16 BECK, John  Abt 1835Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2072
    17 BECK, John  Abt 1836Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2077
    18 BECK, Robert  Abt 1805Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2080
    19 BECK, Simon  Abt 1817Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2081
    20 BECK, Thomas  Abt 1801Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2075
    21 BECK, Thomas  Abt 1839Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I2078
    22 BURRILL, Alice  Abt 1828Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I519
    23 BURRILL, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I521
    24 BURRILL, Esther Hannah  Abt 1866Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1385
    25 BURRILL, John Richard  Abt 1859Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1381
    26 BURRILL, Joseph  Abt 1855Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1379
    27 BURRILL, Mary  Abt 1800Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I528
    28 BURRILL, Mary  1838Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3879
    29 BURRILL, Peter  Abt 1850Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1377
    30 BURRILL, Richard  Abt 1853Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1384
    31 BURRILL, Sarah  Abt 1813Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I522
    32 BURRILL, Sarah Ann  Abt 1858Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1380
    33 BURRILL, Susannah  Abt 1861Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1382
    34 BURRILL, Thomas  Abt 1852Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1378
    35 BURRILL, William  Abt 1843Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I524
    36 EGLIN, Hanley  CA 1860Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I12769
    37 EGLIN, John  CA 1853Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I12766
    38 EGLIN, John  CA 1885Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I14322
    39 EGLIN, Mary Agnes  CA 1883Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I14321
    40 EGLIN, Matthew  CA 1857Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I12768
    41 EGLIN, William  CA 1855Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I12767
    42 FOSTER, Thomas  CA 1820Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3964
    43 LAYFIELD, Ann  9 Dec 1836Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3248
    44 LAYFIELD, Elizabeth  10 May 1827Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3255
    45 LAYFIELD, George  CA 1806Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3921
    46 LAYFIELD, George  30 Aug 1829Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3247
    47 LAYFIELD, Hannah  CA 1808Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3928
    48 LAYFIELD, Harriet  CA 1819Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3929
    49 LAYFIELD, Harriet  CA 1829Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3942
    50 LAYFIELD, Mary  CA 1823Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3930

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    Matches 1 to 14 of 14

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ATKINSON, Esther  1843Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3878
    2 ATKINSON, Hannah  13 Oct 1875Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I518
    3 ATKINSON, John  4 Jan 1878Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1654
    4 BURRELL, William  24 Jul 1813Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I372
    5 BURRILL, Esther  12 Apr 1863Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I382
    6 BURRILL, Esther Hannah  26 Oct 1866Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1385
    7 BURRILL, Mary  1838Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I3879
    8 BURRILL, Richard  3 Jun 1799Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I983
    9 BURRILL, Richard  19 Apr 1856Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1384
    10 BURRILL, Sarah  5 Dec 1819Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I383
    11 BURRILL, Thomas  6 Oct 1850Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I380
    12 BURRILL, Thomas  Abt 1866Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I525
    13 HARRISON, Ruth  1828Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I1656
    14 THOMPSON, Betty  23 Mar 1818Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I532


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
    1 BURRELL, John  25 Oct 1759Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I978
    2 BURRILL, Richard  24 May 1798Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I983
    3 BURRILL, Thomas  19 Apr 1850Stonebeck Down, Ramsgill, Yorkshire I380