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    Matches 201 to 250 of 10,000

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    1911 Lister Hill, Horsforth - age 7 - Scholar. 
    HERRINGTON, Joseph (I3798)

    1911 Roecliffe - age 11. 
    HOOD, Harold Dean (I2129)

    1911 White Lion Inn, 123 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge - age 20 - Labourer. 
    BROOKS, Arthur (I5566)

    1911 White Lion Inn, 123 Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge - age 22 - Barman. 
    BROOKS, Henry (I5565)

    1911 Workhouse, Taunton - age 47. 
    BROOKS, Sophia (I5617)

    1922 Locomotive Driver.
    1926 Stoker [Gas Works]. 
    WHINCUP, George Clifford (I763)

    24th September 1901

    NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership lately
    subsisting between us the undersigned, William
    James Burrill. Robert Burrill, and John Thomas Burrill,
    carrying on business as Printers' Furnisher's, Stereotypers,
    Electrotypers, and Photo Engravers, and Trade Lithographers,
    at 42, High Bridge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
    under the style or firm of " Burrill and Company," has
    been dissolved by mutual consent as from the first day
    of September, one thousand nine hundred and one, and
    the said William James Burrill and John Thomas Burrill
    will in future carry on a similar business together in
    Newcastle-upon-Tyne, under the style of Burrill and
    Company, and all debts due to and by the late firm will
    be received and paid by the -said William James Burrill
    and John Thomas Burrill.—Dated this seventeenth day
    of September, one thousand nine hundred and one.
    W. J. BURRILL.

    7th January 1930 London Gazette.

    NOTICE - is hereby given that the Partnership
    heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned,
    William James Burrill and John Thomas
    Burrill, carrying on business, as Printers,
    Furnisher's and Stereotypers, Electro Typers,
    Photo Engravers and Trade Lithographers, at 21,
    Pudding Chare, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, under the
    style or firm of BURRILL & CO., has been dissolved
    by mutual consent as from the thirty-first
    day of December, one Thousand nine hundred and
    twenty-nine, and all debts due to and by the late
    firm will be received and paid by the said William
    James Burrill.—Dated this 31st day of December,
    one thousand nine hundred and twenty-nine.
    W. J. BURRILL.
    (031) JOHN T. BURRILL. 
    BURRILL, William James (I1586)

    Memoirs of Ada Heath on Percy Brooks & Lucy May Wood.

    "I had a cousin called Lucy [Wood] she married Percy Brooks. They lived at Pannal Ash & had 3 boys. Lucy was a marvellous cook & had worked at many places in Harrogate, occasionally they wanted her back, so I went to look after things while she was out. I went several times & liked it the boys were lovely. Cedric went to school in Pannal about 2 miles away. I would take the other 2 Kenneth & Bob in the pram every other day to Harlow Hill for bread & a nice walk. Grannie Brooks lived in a cottage not far away & used to say what a bonny lass I was. I had to cook Percy's meal at night & Lucy would come home tired, but was glad of the extra money. Percy worked at Bachelors but time went on & he had to join the forces a sad day for Lucy but I went just the same. Then one day a telegram came, Percy had been wounded. Things were never the same again he had 13 operations on his leg." 
    WOOD, Lucy May (I87)

    Note: Dates and Ages for Lupton Brooks on Official Records and Census do not match his birth Certificate however cross referencing these details and other information do show that they belong to this Lupton Brooks. 
    BROOKS, Lupton (I2579)

    Blanche left Liverpool on the 8th July 1922 onboard the Adriatic bound for New York she had paid for the ticket herself.

    She arrived at Ellis Island on the 16th July 1922 not intending to go back to the UK and is expected to stay in the USA always, She lists her Brother Mr J Brooks of West Church Street, Windhill as her nearest relative.

    She is going to stay with a friend Mr A Smith of 12101 Castlewood Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

    She is described as 5 Ft 5 Inches and has a dark complexion with Brown Hair and Brown Eyes. 
    BROOKS, Blanche (I2594)

    Census Information:

    1881 Mary is mentioned at 111 New Port Road Middlesborough; Butcher & Egg Dealer.
    1891 23 New Port Road Middlesborough; Fruiterer. 
    CONSTANTINE, Mary (I1580)

    Coroners Report: 17th September 1868 held at the Blackamoor Inn Grantley found that On the Fifteenth day of September 1868, being a person liable and subject to violent fits was walking along a certain footroad in the Parish of Grantley in the County of Yorkshire it so happened that the said Hannah Leeming was then suddenly seized with a fit of appoplexy and by reason of the violence thereof the said Hannah Leeming then fell to the ground and instantly died. 
    MYERS (OUTHWAITE), Hannah (I2652)

    does Thomas marry Isabella Nicholson at Chester le Street in Sept qtr 1870? 
    LEEMING, Thomas (I3005)

    Elizabeth appeared in the Census;
    1861 East Terrace, Burley - School Mistress - Staying with her Father.
    1871 East Terrace, Burley - School Teacher.
    1881 77 Main Street, Burley - Wife of Thomas Clark.
    1891 77 Main Street, Burley.
    1901 77 Main Street, Burley - Living on Own Means. 
    DOBSON, Elizabeth (I2344)

    Ellen & Elizabeth Brooks were Twins. 
    BROOKS, Ellen (I2564)

    George appeared in the Census;
    1841 Eavestone - age 2
    1851 Low Skellgate, Ripon - age 12 - Scholar
    1861 1 Shop Houses, Birtley - Labourer
    1871 Findon Hill, Witton Gilbert - Miner
    1881 4 Stafford Row, Witton Gilbert - Coal Miner.
    1891 194 Stafford Row, Witton Gilbert - Coal Miner.
    1901 Cote Hill, Witton Gilbert - Farmer. 
    LEEMING, George (I3002)

    George is able to write. 
    LEEMING, George William (I3037)

    George leaves a will, dated 15 July 1910 and proved 19 Sept 1911.
    In his will, George leaves all his personal effects and real estate to Hannah, his wife, for as long as she remained his widow. Should she marry, the effects should be sold and the proceeds divided into 7 parts. 6 parts were to be banked and his executors had the power to provide money to Hannah in case of need. On Hannah's death all money and effects to be divided equally between George's sons, George W. ; James; Robert; George's daughter, Barbara Seymour; Hannah's daughter Amy Isa Harrison; & Hannah's son, Percy Swailes Hardcastle.
    Witnesses & executors were Harry Cornell & William Cummings both of Sacriston, miners.
    His estate was valued at £62 19s 8d. 
    LEEMING, George (I3002)

    Hannah had two children - named in George's will. Amy Isa harrison & Percy Swailes Hardcastle. 
    HARDCASTLE, Hannah (I3018)

    In 1871 census, Hannah is visiting Jane Thorpe in Markington - Hannah's widowed sister. Also living with Jane is Hannah's mother, and Jane's sister, Mary Peniston and Mary's son, Nahum (sic) 
    SWALES, Hannah (I3000)

    In 1901 census, William says he is born in Black Fell, Co Durham 
    LEEMING, William (I3009)

    In the 1861 Census Hannah's Nieces & Nephew Sarah, Mary & William Spawforth are staying with her.

    In the 1881 Census Sarah Spawforth is with her in Lancashire. 
    LEEMING, Hannah (I17070)

    In the 1871 Census - Samuel is found at 38 Heap Street, Bradford - he is a lodger in the household of Samuel & Hannah Jagger.

    Samuel is listed as Lodger (Head) Below this we see Elizabeth his wife is listed also as Leeming his wife and their Daughter Eliza age 4 Months is also listed as Leeming.

    However we know Samuel & Elizabeth did not Marry until 1872.

    I could find no registration for the birth of Eliza Leeming circa 1870 but having realised the couple did not marry until 1872 went back and found the following.

    Eliza Leeming Kay Dec 1870 Bradford 9b 113.

    Because of the Census i would expect to find that Samuel will be Eliza's true father. 
    KAY, Eliza Leeming (I17059)

    In the 1881 Census William is on his own in London with his Cousin John Taylor ? age 37 born circa 1844 in Windsor & Marianne age 35 born circa 1846 Middlesex, London.

    Mary is at home in Buckingham Street, Headingley, Leeds. 
    WHEWELL, William Leeming (I17075)

    In the 1901 Census listed as wife is Kate Priestman however no marriage record can be found between 1895 Alice's Death and Dec 1901. 
    PRIESTMAN, Edgar (I17008)

    Informant: Hannah Liddle. 
    LEEMING, James (I2905)

    Jane appeared in the Census;
    1841 Low Skelgate, Ripon.
    1851 Water Skelgate, Ripon.
    1861 Water Skelgate, Ripon.
    1871 Water Skelgate, Ripon. 
    LEEMING, Jane (I11233)

    John died intestate and left no Will his administration document states;

    The third day of Administration of the goods chattels and credits of John Leeming of Eavestone in the Parish of Ripon in the County of York, Farmer, a bachelor without Father or Mother surviving him, deceased intestate was granted to William Leeming the brother only next of kin having been first sworn duly to administer. 
    LEEMING, John (I2829)

    Mary Ann appeared in the Census;
    1851 Kelfield - age 12.
    1861 Catton Grange, High Catton - Servant.
    1871 Addingham Hall.
    1881 South Street, Huddersfield - Boarding House Keeper.
    1891 41 South Street, Huddersfield - Lodging House Keeper.
    1901 13 Springwood Street, Huddersfield - Living with Daughter Emma Phillips. 
    FISHER, Mary Ann (I720)

    Mary is able to write 
    TOMES, Mary Ann (I3040)


    I have found reference to a Francis Burrill Wray born 01/09/1902 birthplace Washington, Mothers maiden name Taylor. I have sent for a Death cert for a Laurel Wray died 24/01/1953 age 72 in Seattle to see if this can give anymore information to confirm the American Census details i have obtained. 
    WRAY, Burrill F (I1356)

    Note: There is no father listed on Jarvis' Birth Certificate Jane Ann married Denby Driver in 1881 and we know in the 1901 census Denby is still alive.

    1901 Census Jane Ann is living in Halifax with Frederick Booth listed as Boarder. 3 Children also carry the middle name of Booth. On Jarvis' Marriage cert Frederick Booth 'Driver' a Draper is listed as Father.

    Therefore i believe Frederick Booth is Jarvis' Father and have listed him as such. see 1891 & 1901 Census. 
    DRIVER, Jarvis Booth (I771)

    Note: Thompson Brooks age 55 born bewerley a retired farmer is staying with the family in 1861 as a Visitor. 
    BROOKS, John (I3642)

    People Mentioned:

    Sarah Hannah Burrill - Wife
    Gertrude Olive Burrill - Daughter
    Louise Ethel Burrill - Daughter

    James Alfred Burrill - Son [Deceased] - provide a home for the children of my late son..........until they attain the age of 21 years.

    Mary Elizabeth Merrilees - Daughter
    Edith Annie Hardstaff - Daughter
    Florence Beatrice Wren - Daughter
    Isabella Catherine Simpson - Daughter
    William Edward Burrill - Son 
    BURRILL, William James (I1586)

    Possible Birth Registration - June 1856 Bradford 9b 11* 
    LEEMING, Frank (I16988)

    Possible Birth Registration - June 1899 Bradford 9b 84a 
    LEEMING, Frank Rupert (I16991)

    Possible birth Registration - Sept 1892 Bradford 9b 73 
    LEEMING, Joyce (I16990)

    Possible Death Registration - March 1871 Bradford 9b 121 
    LEEMING, Harry (I17011)

    Possible Death Registration - Sept 1895 Sculcoates 9d 135 
    LEEMING, Alice (I16998)

    Possible Registration March 1858 Bradford 9b 81 
    LEEMING, Grace (I17017)

    Registered by: George Brooks his Father. 
    BROOKS, George (I3626)

    Registration - March 1910 Hull 9d 174 
    HALDANE, Samuel Leeming (I17028)

    Registration - Sept 1837 Wakefield 22 315 
    HALDANE, Samuel Leeming (I17028)

    Registration June 1855 Bradford 9b 92 
    SPAWFORTH, John Leeming (I17072)

    Registration Reference - Sept 1890 Bradford 9b 429 
    Family F5068

    Registration Sept 1853 Bradford 9b 58

    This Registration needs checking as i can find no record of birth. 
    SPAWFORTH, Leeming (I17073)

    Registration Sept 1855 Bradford 9b 64 
    SPAWFORTH, John Leeming (I17072)

    Robert appeared in the Census;
    1881 4 Stafford Row, Witton Gilbert - age 11 Months.
    1891 194 Stafford Row, Witton Gilbert - age 10 - Scholar.
    1901 11 Charles Street, Witton Gilbert - Coal Miner, Staying with brother James. 
    LEEMING, Robert (I3016)

    Ryebread Hill, Castleford - age 38, Agricultural Labourer. 
    HEPTINSTALL, William (I7124)

    This is John Smiths second marriage as the 1851 Census shows his children to be in their twentys John Smith is also in the Worsted Spinning trade and he employs 406 Persons.

    Grace's Sister Mary Haldane is staying with them also in the 1851 Census. 
    LEEMING, Grace (I17023)

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