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    Matches 9,301 to 9,326 of 9,326

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     #   Notes   Linked to 
    9301 Witnessed by:William Heslington & William Thirkill. Family F1109
    9302 Witnessed by:William Moore & George Smith Family F898
    9303 Witnesses to James & Annie's wedding were Thomas Leeming, Mabel Holgate & Florence Holgate Armitage

    Notice of the wedding appears in the Whardedale & Airedale Observer of 28 Nov. 1913 
    Family F873
    9304 Witnesses were James Welch & William Henry Robson Family F900
    9305 Witnesses were John Robert Leeming & Florence Maud Leeming. Family F868
    9306 Witnesses were Martha Sissons and John Lichly. Family F884
    9307 Witnesses were Philip Cole and Fanny Leeming. Family F885
    9308 Woolen Weaver. LOCKWOOD, Robert Ellis (I7099)
    9309 Woollen Piercer. LOCKWOOD, Norris (I15345)
    9310 Woollen Spinner. LOCKWOOD, Jack (I17674)
    9311 Woollen [?] LOCKWOOD, Frank (I7100)
    9312 working for Dr Paley - she is living at St agnesgate - is this Dr Paley's residence? RICHMOND, Ann (I2945)
    9313 World War 1 draft papers give date of birth as 2nd May 1876. BROOKS, William Earnest Carmichael (I6789)
    9314 Worsted Yarn. LOCKWOOD, Una (I20413)
    9315 Written as Dear Ings BRIDBERRY, David (I19203)
    9316 X match found between descendant's of Jane Ann Whincup & Kate Whincup
    Total of 8.63 cM 
    DOBSON, Lilly (I22)
    9317 YDNA & AT DNA confirm that this Richard Brook is the ancestor of descendants via the Marriage with Ann Normington & Maria Whorwell. BROOK, Richard (I11163)
    9318 YDNA & BigY DNA tests via a descendant John Brooks BROOKS, John Jr (I4756)
    9319 YDNA & BigY DNA tests via a descendant of Thomas Brooks BROOKS, Thomas [unproven] (I4802)
    9320 YDNA & BigY tests done by a descendant of Martin P Brooks BROOK, Martin P (I12087)
    9321 Year of birth taken from Burial record age 75 in 1810. CALVERT, Elizabeth (I1735)
    9322 [BROOKES] March 1862 Stourbridge 6c 139 Family F1748
    9323 [Brooke] BROOK, Emma (I12290)
    9324 [Diana] Brooks
    Witnessed by: Peter ? & Henry ? 
    Family F1763
    9325 [not confirmed] 2011 - Dec 1842 Dewsbury 22 23 Family F1304
    9326 [OLIVER]. Family F6047

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