News: DNA testing is the only way to back up your traditional research and locate New Hidden or Lost branches of your family tree - if you are a Male please test your YDNA at FTDNA and locate your hidden ancestors. There is a discount via the BROOKS Surname DNA Project See also: Burrell DNA Project, Leeming DNA Project; Lockwood DNA Project; Nidderdale DNA Project.
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    John BROOKS

    John BROOKS

    Male Abt 1812 - 1893  (~ 81 years)

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    (Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

    David BROOKS
    Male 1839-1901
    Mary BROOKS
    Female 1841-1859
    John BROOKS
    Male 1866-1933
    George BROOKS
    Male 1868-1926
    Sarah TILFORD
    Female 1871-1926
    George BROOKS
    Male 1844-1919
    Female Abt 1841-1873
    Ronald BROOKS
    Male 1903-1971
    New chart
    Olive BROOKS
    Female 1905-1989
    John Eric LEE
    Male Abt 1903-Yes, date unknown
    New chart
    Henry BROOKS
    Male 1877-1958
    Emma WOOD
    Female 1874-1905
    Elsie BROOKS
    Female 1909-1996
    George CARLING
    Male 1900-1988
    Kathleen BROOKS
    Female 1910-Abt 1982
    New chart
    Bernard O'HARA
    Male 1906-Yes, date unknown
    Gilbert BROOKS
    Male 1911-1994
    New chart
    Hilda BROOKS
    Female 1914-2001
    New chart
    Stanley BROOKS
    Male 1919-1940
    Gertrude WOOD, [Smith]
    Female Abt 1881-1959
    Rosetta ATKINS
    Female 1914-1996
    New chart
    Marjorie BARRETT
    Female 1914-2004
    New chart
    Marjorie MCCANN
    Female 1922-1991
    New chart
    Percy BROOKS
    Male 1881-1940
    Lucy May WOOD
    Female 1882-1959
    New chart
    Walter BROOKS
    Male 1886-1960
    Agnes Mary ASCOUGH
    Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
    Sarah Alice HOPWOOD
    Female Abt 1883-1966
    Stephen BROOKS
    Male 1848-1922
    Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
    Elizabeth BROOKS
    Female 1850-1931
    John BROOKS
    Male 1853-1918
    Emily (King) PAVEY
    Female Abt 1858-Yes, date unknown
    Ivy May BROOKS
    Female 1902-2007
    New chart
    Albert IBBOTSON
    Male -Yes, date unknown
    Jack ODDIE
    Male 1904-Yes, date unknown
    New chart
    -Yes, date unknown
    Charles BROOKS
    Male 1877-1923
    Olive Jane BRYAN
    Female Abt 1874-1963
    Sydney BROOKS
    Male 1880-1881
    Hetty BROOKS
    Female 1881-1932
    George Herbert CORKER
    Male Abt 1885-1962
    Male 1914-1914
    Lily BROOKS
    Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
    William SHILLITO
    Male Abt 1869-1948
    Minnie WALKER
    Female 1887-1962
    Ruth BEER
    Female 1911-Abt 2006
    Cyril INMAN
    Male 1907-1975
    New chart
    Mary BROOKS
    Female 1890-1984
    -Yes, date unknown
    Male 1853-1943
    Harold SMITH
    Male 1905-Yes, date unknown
    Doris SMITH
    Female 1906-1986
    May SMITH
    Female 1909-Yes, date unknown
    Mary Ellis BROOKS
    Female 1880-Yes, date unknown
    George SMITH
    Male Abt 1877-1952
    New chart
    William GAINS
    Male Abt 1877-Yes, date unknown
    Virginia Hazel WADE
    Female 1919-Yes, date unknown
    Virginia CROSSLAND
    Female 1927-Yes, date unknown
    Jesse BROOKS
    Male 1857-1906
    Elizabeth FOSTER
    Female Abt 1859-1887
    Geoffrey HALL
    Male -Yes, date unknown
    New chart
    New chart
    George Robert THOMPSON
    Male Abt 1890-1972
    New chart
    New chart
    Enoch Lot BROOKS
    Male 1898-1918
    Annie WALKER
    Female Abt 1861-1921
    Lawrence WALKER
    Male 1881-1882
    Albert WALKER
    Male 1883-1883
    Minnie WALKER
    Female 1887-1962
    Alice WALKER
    Female 1890-1954
    Eleanor WALKER
    Female 1893-1893
    Elsie WALKER
    Female 1898-1981
    Harriet BROOKS
    Female 1859-1932
    Joseph WALKER
    Male Abt 1857-1913
    Hilda BROOKS
    Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
    Sarah BROOKS
    Female 1862-1924
    New chart
    John BROOKS
    Male Abt 1812-1893
    Elizabeth ANDERSON
    Female Abt 1820-1898