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    Auckland, New Zealand



    Matches 1 to 16 of 16

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 KEANE, Yvonne Olive  CA 1945Auckland, New Zealand I20819
    2 KELLY, Lillian Munro  4 Aug 1869Auckland, New Zealand I11098
    3 LOCKWOOD, Bruce Ross  4 Jul 1923Auckland, New Zealand I11079
    4 LOCKWOOD, Florence Maddaford  26 Mar 1923Auckland, New Zealand I11091
    5 LOCKWOOD, George Frederick Reginald  17 Jan 1898Auckland, New Zealand I11093
    6 LOCKWOOD, Helena Myrtle  25 Jan 1918Auckland, New Zealand I11089
    7 LOCKWOOD, Isabella McLagan  CA 1897Auckland, New Zealand I11114
    8 LOCKWOOD, John Matthew  19 Aug 1911Auckland, New Zealand I11099
    9 LOCKWOOD, Thomas Herbert  8 Mar 1888Auckland, New Zealand I11085
    10 LOCKWOOD, William Arthur Nathan  2 Feb 1885Auckland, New Zealand I11077
    11 LOCKWOOD, William McLagan  CA 1902Auckland, New Zealand I11117
    12 QUIGLEY, Sarah  4 Jun 1909Auckland, New Zealand I11094
    13 RAINGER, Owen Watson  CA 1906Auckland, New Zealand I16028
    14 RICHARDS, Mary Vera  CA 1907Auckland, New Zealand I16029
    15 STEMBRIDGE, Blanche Ethel  16 Oct 1892Auckland, New Zealand I11086
    16 WHITE, Arthur Roy  13 Dec 1923Auckland, New Zealand I11092


    Matches 1 to 22 of 22

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BREW, Harriet  28 Oct 1891Auckland, New Zealand I11100
    2 CHARLESWORTH, Helena  5 Jan 1909Auckland, New Zealand I11076
    3 CLENDON, Hilda Shirley  29 Jul 2011Auckland, New Zealand I11134
    4 DRILLER, Hilda Mary  16 May 1966Auckland, New Zealand I11078
    5 EADES, Leah  6 Sep 1932Auckland, New Zealand I11120
    6 KEANE, Yvonne Olive  CA 1993Auckland, New Zealand I20819
    7 KELLY, Lillian Munro  25 Dec 1937Auckland, New Zealand I11098
    8 LEEMING, Ralph  20 Jun 1986Auckland, New Zealand I4424
    9 LOCKWOOD, Bruce Ross  18 Feb 1996Auckland, New Zealand I11079
    10 LOCKWOOD, Florence Maddaford  8 Jun 2005Auckland, New Zealand I11091
    11 LOCKWOOD, George Frederick Reginald  4 Jun 1969Auckland, New Zealand I11093
    12 LOCKWOOD, Helena Myrtle  21 Apr 2002Auckland, New Zealand I11089
    13 LOCKWOOD, John Matthew  23 Aug 1932Auckland, New Zealand I11099
    14 LOCKWOOD, Lydia Martha  21 Jan 1936Auckland, New Zealand I7295
    15 LOCKWOOD, Thomas Herbert  6 Sep 1968Auckland, New Zealand I11085
    16 LOCKWOOD, Thomas James  22 Dec 1940Auckland, New Zealand I7290
    17 LOCKWOOD, Walter  30 Nov 1883Auckland, New Zealand I7296
    18 LOCKWOOD, William Arthur Nathan  16 Dec 1968Auckland, New Zealand I11077
    19 LOCKWOOD, William McLagan  CA 1904Auckland, New Zealand I11117
    20 QUIGLEY, Sarah  2 Feb 2001Auckland, New Zealand I11094
    21 STEMBRIDGE, Blanche Ethel  23 Nov 1977Auckland, New Zealand I11086
    22 WHITE, Arthur Roy  10 Apr 2003Auckland, New Zealand I11092


    Matches 1 to 12 of 12

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BRISTOW / LOCKWOOD  19 Apr 1941Auckland, New Zealand F3280
    2 DENNIS / LOCKWOOD  CA 1925Auckland, New Zealand F3288
    3 LOCKWOOD /   14 Feb 1947Auckland, New Zealand F3278
    4 LOCKWOOD / BREW  CA 1889Auckland, New Zealand F3284
    5 LOCKWOOD / CHARLESWORTH  10 Dec 1883Auckland, New Zealand F3276
    6 LOCKWOOD / DRILLER  7 Jun 1921Auckland, New Zealand F3277
    7 LOCKWOOD / KELLY  8 Nov 1910Auckland, New Zealand F3283
    8 LOCKWOOD / QUIGLEY  31 Jul 1929Auckland, New Zealand F3282
    9 LOCKWOOD / STEMBRIDGE  25 Oct 1916Auckland, New Zealand F3279
    10 RAINGER / RICHARDS  CA 1928Auckland, New Zealand F4818
    11 RICHARDS / WALKER  6 Aug 1900Auckland, New Zealand F4871
    12 WHITE / LOCKWOOD  11 Apr 1949Auckland, New Zealand F3281