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    Huddersfield, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 53.6400944, Longitude: -1.7882222


    Matches 1 to 50 of 62

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Martha  CA 1791Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13717
    2 AINLEY, Clara  CA 1885Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10775
    3 ANTHONY, Brian T  Abt 1915Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2537
    4 ANTHONY, Mark  Abt 1917Huddersfield, Yorkshire I2538
    5 ARTHUR, James  CA 1854Huddersfield, Yorkshire I18056
    6 BEAUMONT, Beatrice Annie  CA 1876Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10104
    7 BLAKEY, Harold  CA 1942Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17549
    8 BLAKEY, Henry  CA 1841Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17583
    9 BLAKEY, Joe Smith  11 Sep 1873Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17579
    10 BLAKEY, Philip  CA 1909Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17551
    11 BRIGG, Mary Louisa  CA 1839Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13238
    12 BROOK, Eleanor  CA 1875Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13789
    13 BROOK, George  CA 1803Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17667
    14 BROOK, George  CA 1840Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13784
    15 BROOK, Harriet Maria  CA 1882Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13786
    16 BROOK, Harry  CA 1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13788
    17 BROOKS, Harry  CA 1874Huddersfield, Yorkshire I12794
    18 BURRILL, Fred  CA 1920Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17349
    19 BURRILL, Jack  CA 1914Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17346
    20 BURRILL, Leslie  CA 1918Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17348
    21 BURRILL, Norman  CA 1912Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17345
    22 BURRILL, Rowland  CA 1916Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17347
    23 CASTLE, Clara Brook  CA 1902Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7582
    24 DRIVER, Alfred  CA 1839Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7352
    25 HAWKYARD, Polly  CA 1861Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11876
    26 HODGSON, Timothy  CA 1857Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10723
    27 IREDALE, Louie  CA 1900Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17660
    28 JOHNSON, Frederick  CA 1865Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7029
    29 LEEMING, Alfred  CA 1851Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13800
    30 LEEMING, Alice  CA 1848Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13799
    31 LEEMING, John  30 Aug 1834Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11188
    32 LEEMING, Sarah Ann  Abt 1829Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11186
    33 LEEMING, Thomas  Abt 1832Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11187
    34 LITTLEWOOD, Geoffrey  CA 1926Huddersfield, Yorkshire I12413
    35 LOCKWOOD, Albert  CA 1884Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11877
    36 LOCKWOOD, Annie E  CA 1889Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11879
    37 LOCKWOOD, Beatrice Mary A  CA 1863Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13240
    38 LOCKWOOD, Ben  16 Mar 1933Huddersfield, Yorkshire I20774
    39 LOCKWOOD, Edward C  CA 1873Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13245
    40 LOCKWOOD, Elizabeth  CA 1929Huddersfield, Yorkshire I20778
    41 LOCKWOOD, Geoffrey Fairfax  CA 1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13236
    42 LOCKWOOD, Harry  CA 1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11878
    43 LOCKWOOD, Jason Lee  15 Oct 1971Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7082
    44 LOCKWOOD, Mary  CA 1928Huddersfield, Yorkshire I20777
    45 LOCKWOOD, Mary Gertrude  CA 1860Huddersfield, Yorkshire I13239
    46 LOCKWOOD, Norman  CA 1912Huddersfield, Yorkshire I20411
    47 LOCKWOOD, Robert Ellis  Abt 1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7099
    48 LORD, Albert  CA 1857Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17553
    49 LORD, Mildred  CA 1902Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17552
    50 METTRICK, Albert  CA 1896Huddersfield, Yorkshire I17659

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    Matches 1 to 27 of 27

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 AINLEY, Margaret Rose  CA 1994Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7076
    2 BAILEY, James  CA 1919Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7128
    3 BOLD, Bridget  CA 1873Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10781
    4 BROADHEAD, David  CA 1915Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7165
    5 BROOK, Emor  CA 1877Huddersfield, Yorkshire I14592
    6 EVANS, Elizabeth  CA 1911Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7032
    7 GREEN, Lydia  CA 1904Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7317
    8 HINCHLIFFE, Ellen  CA 1910Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7305
    9 JOHNSON, Irene  CA 1982Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7020
    10 KAYE, Jonathan  CA 1887Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7245
    11 LOCKWOOD, Albert Henry  CA 1872Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7293
    12 LOCKWOOD, Alembert  CA 1868Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7289
    13 LOCKWOOD, Ephraim  CA 1921Huddersfield, Yorkshire I12941
    14 LOCKWOOD, Fanny  CA 1887Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11654
    15 LOCKWOOD, James  CA 1888Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11653
    16 LOCKWOOD, James Arthur  CA 1937Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7101
    17 LOCKWOOD, Joseph  CA 1878Huddersfield, Yorkshire I11563
    18 LOCKWOOD, Nancy  CA 1904Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10266
    19 LOCKWOOD, Norris  CA 1940Huddersfield, Yorkshire I15345
    20 MOORHOUSE, Thomas  CA 1868Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10272
    21 RICHARDS, Harriet  CA 1969Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7078
    22 TAYLOR, Charles Thomas  9 Jan 1921Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7027
    23 TAYLOR, Jane  CA 1911Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10778
    24 TAYLOR, Nathan  CA 1856Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10779
    25 THEWLIS, Sam  CA 1872Huddersfield, Yorkshire I7107
    26 WHITELEY, Joe  CA 1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire I8310
    27 WOOD, John  CA 1907Huddersfield, Yorkshire I10776


    Matches 1 to 43 of 43

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 AINLEY / DRAKE  CA 1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3188
    2 BAILEY / IREDALE  13 Oct 1836Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2443
    3 BROOK / BARLOW  CA 1868Huddersfield, Yorkshire F4127
    4 BROOK / CASTLE  CA 1902Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2307
    5 BROOK / DRANSFIELD  CA 1878Huddersfield, Yorkshire F4126
    6 BROOK / EARNSHAW  CA 1845Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5422
    7 BROOK / SHAW  CA 1872Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2304
    8 CASTLE / HIRST  CA 1869Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5806
    9 ELLIS / BAILEY  CA 1871Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5410
    10 FROST / THEWLIS  CA 1889Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5404
    11 IREDALE / FIRTH  CA 1887Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5394
    12 IREDALE / ROBINSON  CA 1859Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5395
    13 LEEMING / DRANSFIELD  CA 1869Huddersfield, Yorkshire F4129
    14 LOCKWOOD / ARMITAGE  20 Oct 1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6428
    15 LOCKWOOD / BEEVER  CA 1903Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2222
    16 LOCKWOOD / BERRY  6 Dec 1832Huddersfield, Yorkshire F4645
    17 LOCKWOOD / BOOTH  CA 1910Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2229
    18 LOCKWOOD / BUTTERWORTH  CA 1899Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2181
    19 LOCKWOOD / COULSON  CA 1883Huddersfield, Yorkshire F4767
    20 LOCKWOOD / DYSON  CA 1875Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3554
    21 LOCKWOOD / EARNSHAW  CA 1850Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6262
    22 LOCKWOOD / ELLIS  CA 1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2220
    23 LOCKWOOD / GREEN  CA 1881Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2228
    24 LOCKWOOD / HAWKYARD  CA 1882Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3555
    25 LOCKWOOD / HILL  CA 1918Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6424
    26 LOCKWOOD / HINCHLIFFE  CA 1878Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2221
    27 LOCKWOOD / KENYON  CA 1870Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2218
    28 LOCKWOOD / MOORHOUSE  CA 1885Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2180
    29 LOCKWOOD / MORTON  CA 1930Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5402
    30 LOCKWOOD / POGSON  CA 1930Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6318
    31 LOCKWOOD / SANDERSON  CA 1860Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2231
    32 LOCKWOOD / TOMLINSON  CA 1938Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5403
    33 LOCKWOOD / WATERHOUSE  CA 1884Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6427
    34 MALLINSON / BORCHARDT  CA 1906Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2360
    35 METTRICK / ELLIS  CA 1854Huddersfield, Yorkshire F5408
    36 PHILLIPS / DOBSON  1895Huddersfield, Yorkshire F213
    37 ROGERS / BAILEY  CA 1911Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2442
    38 TAYLOR / BOLD  16 Dec 1833Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3189
    39 TAYLOR / LODGE  CA 1880Huddersfield, Yorkshire F6459
    40 TAYLOR / RICHARDS  CA 1929Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3178
    41 THEWLIS / ELLIS  CA 1865Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2161
    42 WHITELEY / BAILEY  CA 1891Huddersfield, Yorkshire F2499
    43 WOOD / TAYLOR  22 Apr 1875Huddersfield, Yorkshire F3187