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    Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire


    Tree: BROOKS Family History

    Latitude: 54.0805194, Longitude: -1.7707000


    Matches 1 to 50 of 121

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ATKINSON, John  Abt 1759Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1605
    2 BARKER, Charles Inman  CA 1901Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I13865
    3 BARKER, Jane Elizabeth  Abt 1879Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1221
    4 BROADLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1846Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I947
    5 BROOKE  CA 1591Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5762
    6 BROOKE, John  19 Nov 1594Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5763
    7 BROOKE, Maurice  Abt 1565Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5760
    8 BROOKE, Thomas  22 Mar 1597Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5764
    9 BROOKS, Ann  CA 1792Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10812
    10 BROOKS, Betty  Abt 1784Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3457
    11 BROOKS, Jane  CA 1830Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4359
    12 BROOKS, John  Abt 1777Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2559
    13 BROOKS, John  CA 1828Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4356
    14 BROOKS, Joseph  Abt 1783Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3462
    15 BROOKS, Joseph  Abt 1821Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3321
    16 BROOKS, Priscilla  CA 1882Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5554
    17 BROOKS, William  CA 1733Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I13173
    18 BROOKS, William  Abt 1826Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3334
    19 BROOKS, William (Willy)  Abt 1786Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3615
    20 BRUCKS, Elizabeth  Abt 1713Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3699
    21 BRUCKS, Hannah  Abt 1707Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3697
    22 BRUCKS, James [Unproven]  CA 1679Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I8912
    23 BRUCKS, Maria  Abt 1705Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3696
    24 BRUCKS, Mary  Abt 1710Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3698
    25 BRUCKS, William (Guliel)  Abt 1677Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3673
    26 BRUCKS, William (Gulielmus)  Abt 1696Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1888
    27 BRUCKS, William (Gulielmus)  Abt 1702Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3610
    28 COWLING, Thomas  CA 1778Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1154
    29 COWLING, William  Abt 1799Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1156
    30 DYSON, Bella  CA 1766Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4249
    31 DYSON, Betty  CA 1797Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4244
    32 DYSON, Elizabeth  CA 1761Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4248
    33 DYSON, Grace  CA 1799Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4247
    34 DYSON, John  CA 1732Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4240
    35 DYSON, John  CA 1788Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4243
    36 DYSON, Luke  CA 1739Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4237
    37 DYSON, Nancy  CA 1794Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4246
    38 DYSON, Rachel  CA 1795Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4245
    39 DYSON, Timothy  CA 1792Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4242
    40 FREAR, Mary  CA 1749Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3663
    41 FRYER, Catherine  Abt 1884Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2820
    42 GRAINGE, Jane  Abt 1777Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2560
    43 GRANGE, Margaret  Abt 1824Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2414
    44 GREETHAM, Joseph  CA 1819Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I17126
    45 HARDCASTLE, Jacob  CA 1776Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15298
    46 HARDCASTLE, John  CA 1832Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15296
    47 HARDCASTLE, Mary  Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15300
    48 HARDCASTLE, Mary  CA 1805Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3845
    49 HARDCASTLE, William  CA 1770Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15291
    50 HARDCASTLE, William  24 Sep 1858Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15294

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 51

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ATKINSON, Mark  Abt 1866Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I529
    2 ATKINSON, Stephen  CA 1899Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3853
    3 BROOKE, Maurice  7 Jul 1632Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5760
    4 BROOKE, Thomas  2 Jun 1619Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5764
    5 BROOKS, Ann  CA 1926Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3623
    6 BROOKS, Elizabeth  CA 1877Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2565
    7 BROOKS, Mary  CA 1885Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3672
    8 BROOKS, Nathaniel  CA 1909Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5487
    9 BROOKS, William Gillbank  Abt 1900Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5499
    10 CARLING, Jane Verity  CA 1939Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12774
    11 EGLIN, Thomas  CA 1866Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12763
    12 GRANGE, Margaret  Abt 1875Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2414
    13 GREENWOOD, Everard William  Abt 1899Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2352
    14 HANLEY, Mary  CA 1844Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1197
    15 HARDCASTLE, Elizabeth  CA 1818Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10198
    16 HARDCASTLE, Jacob  CA 1844Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I15298
    17 HOLMES, Catherine  Abt 1876Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3646
    18 HUDSON, Alice  CA 1771Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1873
    19 INMAN  24 May 1888Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3980
    20 JACKSON, William  CA 1877Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4219
    21 LAYFIELD, Loftas  Abt 1871Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2810
    22 LAYFIELD, Lofthouse  CA 1894Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3295
    23 LAYFIELD, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1885Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1596
    24 LAYFIELD, Thomas  CA 1880Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3246
    25 LEEMING, Elizabeth  Abt 1878Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2827
    26 LISTER, Robert L  CA 1910Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3958
    27 LONGSTER, Betsy Jane  Abt 1881Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1248
    28 LONGSTER, Charlotte  18 Nov 1893Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I563
    29 LONGSTER, Christopher  Abt 1872Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2418
    30 LONGSTER, Edmond  Abt 1889 ?Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I540
    31 LONGSTER, Edmund  Abt 1883Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I573
    32 LONGSTER, Elizabeth  Abt 1874Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I554
    33 LONGSTER, Harry  4 Feb 1963Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1256
    34 LONGSTER, John  Abt 1877 ?Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I539
    35 LONGSTER, Loftas  Abt 1895Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I542
    36 LONGSTER, Margaret  3 May 1882Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I568
    37 LONGSTER, Sarah  13 Dec 1925Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I553
    38 LONGSTER, Thomas  Abt 1884 ?Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I541
    39 LONGSTER, William  30 Mar 1913Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I549
    40 MYERS, Sarah  CA 1892Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3870
    41 NEWBOT, George  CA 1724Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12998
    42 NORRIS, Ann  CA 1900Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3854
    43 PARKINSON, David  CA 1861Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10187
    44 PARKINSON, David  CA 1891Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3674
    45 SIMPSON, James Atkinson  CA 1882Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3868
    46 SMITH, Thomas  CA 1876Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4199
    47 STEEL, Sarah Ellen  Abt 1900Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1253
    48 STOBBS, Mary  Abt 1870Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3292
    49 TEALE, Amelia  Abt 1891Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1245
    50 WATSON, Joseph  29 Nov 1878Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3620

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    Matches 1 to 46 of 46

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 Frances  16 Feb 1629Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5761
    2 Jane  26 May 1739Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10431
    3 BROOKS, Anne  28 Jul 1786Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3460
    4 BROOKS, Benjamin  8 May 1821Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3645
    5 BROOKS, Betty 'Elizabeth'  25 Jul 1834Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3664
    6 BROOKS, Harker  13 Jun 1813Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3613
    7 BROOKS, Harker  18 Apr 1817Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3638
    8 BROOKS, James  18 May 1759Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3612
    9 BROOKS, James  1 Nov 1805Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1872
    10 BROOKS, Jinny  24 Jul 1786Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3463
    11 BROOKS, John  6 Apr 1826Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3609
    12 BROOKS, Joseph  30 Jul 1816Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2567
    13 BROOKS, Margaret  13 Jan 1763Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1885
    14 BROOKS, Mary  10 Dec 1805Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10199
    15 BROOKS, Thomas  8 Sep 1790Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3458
    16 BROOKS, Thomas  11 Sep 1830Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1886
    17 BROOKS, Willy  8 May 1785Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3455
    18 BROUCKS  5 Jan 1742Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I9071
    19 BROUCKS, Nicholas  6 Sep 1742Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3700
    20 BRUX, James  14 Jan 1726Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3730
    21 COWLING, Johannes  23 Sep 1740Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10432
    22 DYSON, John  21 Nov 1732Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4240
    23 FREAR, Mary  29 Oct 1785Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3461
    24 FREAR, Mary  27 Nov 1814Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3663
    25 FURNIS, Hannah  12 Dec 1753Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3694
    26 GRANGE, Thomas  9 Feb 1741Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12992
    27 GREEN, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1796Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1647
    28 GREETHAM, Christopher  18 Jul 1842Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I17122
    29 HARKER, Mary  28 Apr 1743Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3611
    30 HUDSON, Alice  31 Jan 1771Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1873
    31 HUDSON, Robert  30 Apr 1754Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1891
    32 HUTCHINSON, Sarah  11 Jun 1824Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2605
    33 INMAN, Mary  31 Oct 1747Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10226
    34 LEEMING, Harris  24 Nov 1917Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I864
    35 LEEMING, Mary  18 Apr 1797Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1650
    36 LEEMING, Matthew  28 Sep 1754Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10225
    37 LUPTON, Bridget  13 Feb 1805Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3456
    38 NEWBOT, George  25 Dec 1724Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12998
    39 NEWBOT, Matthew  26 Jul 1723Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12995
    40 NEWBOT, Matthew  18 Feb 1745Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I12994
    41 PARKINSON, James  8 May 1832Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10188
    42 PARKINSON, James  30 May 1837Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10196
    43 PARKINSON, Mary  28 Jul 1837Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10192
    44 ROBINSON, Frances  17 Jun 1763Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10232
    45 RUSHFORTH, Sarah  11 Apr 1833Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4358
    46 TAYLOR, Elizabeth  14 May 1750Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I10430


    Matches 1 to 50 of 122

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 BROOKE  25 Oct 1591Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5762
    2 BROOKE, John  30 Nov 1594Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I5763
    3 BROOKES, George  8 Mar 1829Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3618
    4 BROOKS, Benjamin  1 Apr 1821Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3645
    5 BROOKS, Betty  19 Sep 1784Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3457
    6 BROOKS, Betty 'Elizabeth'  17 May 1783Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3664
    7 BROOKS, Elizabeth  27 May 1766Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1887
    8 BROOKS, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1810Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2565
    9 BROOKS, Ellen  15 Feb 1810Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2564
    10 BROOKS, George  4 Dec 1763Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I18
    11 BROOKS, George  20 Feb 1813Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2566
    12 BROOKS, Grace  28 Mar 1818Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3643
    13 BROOKS, Hannah  17 Aug 1785Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3665
    14 BROOKS, Harker  29 Apr 1743Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3613
    15 BROOKS, Harker  6 Jul 1819Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3617
    16 BROOKS, James  17 May 1730Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1872
    17 BROOKS, James  12 May 1740Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3612
    18 BROOKS, James  15 Feb 1759Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2608
    19 BROOKS, James  7 Jun 1778Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3669
    20 BROOKS, James  9 May 1798Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2561
    21 BROOKS, James  16 May 1824Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2581
    22 BROOKS, Jane  16 Nov 1766Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2609
    23 BROOKS, Jinny  17 Jul 1785Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3463
    24 BROOKS, John  14 May 1726Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1889
    25 BROOKS, John  22 Feb 1757Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2607
    26 BROOKS, John  16 Aug 1777Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2559
    27 BROOKS, John  17 May 1801Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3671
    28 BROOKS, John  25 Jul 1802Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2563
    29 BROOKS, John  7 Apr 1816Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3642
    30 BROOKS, John  29 Sep 1822Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2603
    31 BROOKS, Joseph  2 Mar 1783Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3462
    32 BROOKS, Joseph  23 Jun 1816Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2567
    33 BROOKS, Joseph  30 Jul 1821Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3321
    34 BROOKS, Lupton  29 Jun 1817Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2568
    35 BROOKS, Margaret  4 May 1759Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1885
    36 BROOKS, Margaret  16 Apr 1780Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2640
    37 BROOKS, Mary  24 Apr 1803Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3672
    38 BROOKS, Salley  19 Oct 1776Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3668
    39 BROOKS, Sarah  20 May 1757Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1884
    40 BROOKS, Sarah  16 Nov 1804Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2586
    41 BROOKS, Sarah  8 May 1842Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2576
    42 BROOKS, Thomas  12 Apr 1761Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I1886
    43 BROOKS, Thomas  10 Nov 1783Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3454
    44 BROOKS, Thomas  20 Aug 1790Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3458
    45 BROOKS, Thomas  10 May 1807Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I4357
    46 BROOKS, Thomas  9 Apr 1820Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3644
    47 BROOKS, William  14 Nov 1752Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2604
    48 BROOKS, William  25 Jun 1800Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I2562
    49 BROOKS, William  23 Jun 1826Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3334
    50 BROOKS, William (Willy)  22 Apr 1781Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire I3464

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 94

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       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 ALDERSON / EGLIN  CA 1911Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4287
    2 ATKINSON / MYERS  21 Apr 1881Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1147
    3 ATKINSON / SPENCE  30 May 1780Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F484
    4 BECK / GRAHAM  Abt 1856Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F636
    5 BECK / METCALF  18 Jul 1842Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F647
    6 BEECROFT / BRUCKS  7 Jun 1741Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1093
    7 BELL / BATTY  CA 1876Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4327
    8 BOGGETT / THACKRAY  11 Aug 1729Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1041
    9 BROOKES / HOLMES  25 Jul 1850Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1074
    10 BROOKS / COWLING  10 Aug 1751Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F785
    11 BROOKS / DAY (WIDOW)  6 Feb 1785Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1071
    12 BROOKS / FREAR  19 Jun 1774Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1083
    13 BROOKS / FREAR  11 May 1780Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1013
    14 BROOKS / GRANGE  22 Apr 1822Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F783
    15 BROOKS / HUDSON  6 Jul 1756Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F570
    16 BROOKS / KETTLEWELL  9 Sep 1782Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1010
    17 BROOKS / LUPTON  9 Jun 1783Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1011
    18 BROOKS / ROBINSON  Abt 1881Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1714
    19 BROOKS / RUSHFORTH  27 Jun 1827Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1289
    20 BROOKS / SMITH  CA 1905Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3331
    21 BROWN / BECK  Abt 1843Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F633
    22 BRUCKS / FURNIS  9 Sep 1700Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1087
    23 CARLING / RAYNER  CA 1855Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3822
    24 CATTLE / WHITLEY  CA 1905Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F2297
    25 CLARK / THACKERY  Abt 1895Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F639
    26 COWLING / TAYLOR  27 Jun 1708Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3093
    27 DAYKIN / LOCKWOOD  CA 1903Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3054
    28 DYSON / ROBINSON  3 May 1761Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1256
    29 EGLIN / CARLING  CA 1888Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3820
    30 EGLIN / KIRKLEY  CA 1877Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3819
    31 EGLIN / WALKER  CA 1850Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3818
    32 GRAINGE / LUPTON  31 May 1762Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F940
    33 GREETHAM / WILKINSON  12 Aug 1837Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F5223
    34 HALL / PARKINSON  CA 1901Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3095
    35 HARDCASTLE / BROWN  Abt 1857Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F826
    36 HARDCASTLE / HANNAM  26 Aug 1794Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4597
    37 HARDCASTLE / LEEMING  2 Sep 1734Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3032
    38 HARDCASTLE / RAYNER  CA 1857Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4600
    39 HARDCASTLE / SIMPSON  9 Sep 1828Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4601
    40 HOLDSWORTH / HARDCASTLE  14 Apr 1777Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4125
    41 HOLMES / BRUCKS  18 Jun 1733Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1094
    42 HOLMES / LONGSTER  Abt 1897Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F378
    43 HOUSEMAN / STEEL  CA 1863Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1324
    44 HUDSON / ROBINSON  9 Nov 1761Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F3034
    45 HUTCHINSON / BURRILL  Abt 1847Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F529
    46 JACKSON / SMITH  CA 1871Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F1250
    47 KING / TEALE  Abt 1889Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F377
    48 KIRKBRIGHT / WEATHERHEAD  CA 1896Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F4134
    49 LAYFIELD / ASCOUGH  CA 1907Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F2293
    50 LAYFIELD / BUTTERFIELD  CA 1876Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire F2292

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