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    Barnoldswick, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 54.1335453, Longitude: -2.5204110


    Matches 1 to 50 of 97

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 (HALL) BROOKS, Richard  CA 1863Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5405
    2 BALDWIN, Sarah  29 Dec 1853Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5432
    3 BATTY, Arthur  CA 1830Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5404
    4 BROOKS, Alice  CA 1836Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5386
    5 BROOKS, Alice  CA 1839Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5389
    6 BROOKS, Alice  CA 1850Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5394
    7 BROOKS, Alice  CA 1863Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5406
    8 BROOKS, Alice  CA 1903Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5464
    9 BROOKS, Alice May  CA 1898Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5475
    10 BROOKS, Alice Proctor  CA 1892Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5444
    11 BROOKS, Ann  7 Jun 1837Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5356
    12 BROOKS, Ann M  CA 1877Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5384
    13 BROOKS, Anne  CA 1889Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5430
    14 BROOKS, Annie  CA 1873Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5415
    15 BROOKS, Arthur  CA 1900Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5477
    16 BROOKS, Bertha  CA 1895Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5448
    17 BROOKS, Betty  CA 1790Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15070
    18 BROOKS, Christopher  CA 1817Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5366
    19 BROOKS, Christopher (unproven)  CA 1849Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5403
    20 BROOKS, Christopher  CA 1856Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5363
    21 BROOKS, Christopher  7 Aug 1893Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5467
    22 BROOKS, Christopher  CA 1895Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5473
    23 BROOKS, Clara  CA 1893Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5472
    24 BROOKS, Doris  CA 1900Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5463
    25 BROOKS, Dorothy  CA 1845Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5359
    26 BROOKS, Edith Emily  CA 1887Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5429
    27 BROOKS, Edward  CA 1899Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5476
    28 BROOKS, Elizabeth  CA 1884Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5433
    29 BROOKS, Elizabeth  CA 1885Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5439
    30 BROOKS, Emma  CA 1858Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5379
    31 BROOKS, Emma  CA 1892Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5460
    32 BROOKS, Frederick  CA 1880Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5417
    33 BROOKS, George  CA 1852Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5362
    34 BROOKS, Gladys Slater  CA 1890Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5443
    35 BROOKS, Harry  CA 1890Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5447
    36 BROOKS, Harry Slater  CA 1896Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5468
    37 BROOKS, Isabella  CA 1830Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5372
    38 BROOKS, James  CA 1825Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5387
    39 BROOKS, James  CA 1860Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5395
    40 BROOKS, James  CA 1890Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5431
    41 BROOKS, James Sydney  25 Mar 1906Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5479
    42 BROOKS, Jane  CA 1859Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5397
    43 BROOKS, Jane Eliza  CA 1892Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5466
    44 BROOKS, Jane Elizabeth  CA 1877Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5416
    45 BROOKS, John  CA 1795Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5370
    46 BROOKS, John  CA 1815Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5354
    47 BROOKS, John Thomas  CA 1850Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5361
    48 BROOKS, John William  CA 1852Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5399
    49 BROOKS, John William  CA 1886Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5440
    50 BROOKS, Joseph  CA 1847Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5360

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    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 AINSWORTH, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1965Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5478
    2 BALDWIN, Sarah  13 Aug 1910Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5432
    3 BROOKS, Christopher  24 Jan 1971Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5467
    4 BROOKS, George  12 Mar 1924Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5362
    5 BROOKS, Gladys Slater  9 Sep 1960Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5443
    6 BROOKS, James  16 Mar 1925Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5395
    7 BROOKS, James Sydney  22 May 1974Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5479
    8 BROOKS, Robinson  21 Jan 1938Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5380
    9 BROOKS, Sydney Carr  22 Jun 1974Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5469
    10 BROOKS, Willie  25 Jun 1982Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5427
    11 LONGTOFT, Gertrude M  15 Oct 1928Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I6541
    12 PILKINGTON, Sallie  30 Mar 1999Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5470
    13 SLATER, Elizabeth  7 Jul 1939Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5442
    14 WALLER, Mary Ann  2 Mar 1914Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5414
    15 WATKINS, Hannah  27 Aug 1936Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5426


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 BROOKS, Alice  5 Jul 1795Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15065
    2 BROOKS, Betty  14 Apr 1790Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15070
    3 BROOKS, Betty  31 Oct 1791Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15067
    4 BROOKS, William  10 Jul 1791Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15066


    Matches 1 to 15 of 15

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 BROOKS, Ann  5 Apr 1772Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15077
    2 BROOKS, Betty  9 Apr 1790Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15070
    3 BROOKS, Christopher  7 Jul 1817Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5366
    4 BROOKS, Grace  20 Jan 1782Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15073
    5 BROOKS, John  3 Aug 1795Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5370
    6 BROOKS, John  2 Jul 1815Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5354
    7 BROOKS, Margaret  22 Mar 1767Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15078
    8 BROOKS, Margaret  7 May 1780Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15076
    9 BROOKS, Mary  24 Jun 1788Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15071
    10 BROOKS, Mary  2 Jul 1821Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5367
    11 BROOKS, Richard  27 Dec 1777Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15015
    12 BROOKS, Sally  8 Apr 1792Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15068
    13 BROOKS, Thomas  25 Aug 1782Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15072
    14 BROOKS, William  24 Jun 1788Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I15066
    15 BROOKS, William  14 Oct 1792Barnoldswick, Yorkshire I5364


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOKS / ROBINSON  23 May 1815Barnoldswick, Yorkshire F1674