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    Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire



    Matches 1 to 35 of 35

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, Dorothy  Abt 1798Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I2495
    2 ANDERSON, John Ray  Abt 1856Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I793
    3 ANDERSON, Mary  Abt 1819Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I2503
    4 ANDERSON, Mary  Abt 1826Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I259
    5 ANDERSON, Mary Wray  11 Dec 1858Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I353
    6 ANDERSON, Melina  31 May 1861Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I784
    7 ANDERSON, Thomas  Abt 1823Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I178
    8 BROOK, Fanny  CA 1814Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I8802
    9 BROOK, John  CA 1816Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I9002
    10 BROOK, Mary  CA 1813Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I9001
    11 BROOKS, Christiana  9 May 1846Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I284
    12 BROOKS, David  5 Aug 1839Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I44
    13 BROOKS, Elizabeth  20 Aug 1850Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I167
    14 BROOKS, Ellen  Abt 1815Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I303
    15 BROOKS, George  Abt 1818Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I304
    16 BROOKS, George  19 Jan 1844Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I5
    17 BROOKS, George  13 Feb 1868Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I42
    18 BROOKS, Harriet  16 Aug 1859Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I46
    19 BROOKS, Hilda  12 Sep 1881Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I14697
    20 BROOKS, Jesse  28 Jul 1857Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I144
    21 BROOKS, John  15 Jan 1853Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I64
    22 BROOKS, John  9 Feb 1866Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I140
    23 BROOKS, Martha Ellen  12 May 1855Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I168
    24 BROOKS, Mary  21 Aug 1841Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I177
    25 BROOKS, Sarah  16 May 1862Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I45
    26 BROOKS, Stephen  30 Jun 1848Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I103
    27 BROOKS, Sydney  23 Feb 1880Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I3316
    28 LEWIS, Elizabeth  Abt 1851Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I358
    29 LEWIS, John  Abt 1809Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I772
    30 NORMINGTON, Mary Ann  Abt 1824Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I2506
    31 SHAW, Charles Ernest  10 Dec 1875Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I362
    32 SHAW, Ernest Edward  9 Jul 1898Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I826
    33 SHAW, Frederick  Abt 1873Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I361
    34 SHAW, Mary E  1880Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I363
    35 SHAW, William  1872Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I360


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, George  CA 1857Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I19
    2 ANDERSON, John  23 Feb 1839Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I179
    3 ANDERSON, John Ray  28 Dec 1858Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I793
    4 BROOK, William [unproven]  CA 1812Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I9198
    5 BROOKS, Christiana  20 Apr 1850Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I284
    6 BROOKS, Esther  16 Aug 1885Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I232
    7 BROOKS, Mary  17 May 1859Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I177
    8 BURRILL, Ellen  1 May 1856Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I231
    9 CARTER, Christiana  14 Jul 1852Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I210
    10 CARTER, Mary  CA 1853Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I20
    11 DOBSON, Charles  9 May 1896Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I33
    12 HARDCASTLE, John  CA 1864Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I305
    13 SIMPSON, Elizabeth  CA 1891Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I3801


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
    1 BROOKS, Mary  1851Bilton, Harrogate, Yorkshire I177