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    Bolton, Lancashire



    Latitude: 53.5765548, Longitude: -2.4380242


    Matches 1 to 48 of 48

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ASTLEY, Sarah  16 Jan 1815Bolton, Lancashire I8947
    2 BARKER, Ellen Worthington  CA 1845Bolton, Lancashire I10490
    3 BROOK, George Henry  CA 1862Bolton, Lancashire I10038
    4 BROOK, Nancy  CA 1864Bolton, Lancashire I10035
    5 BROOKS, Albert  CA 1889Bolton, Lancashire I9726
    6 BROOKS, Albert  1 Jun 1896Bolton, Lancashire I8835
    7 BROOKS, Albert  CA 1902Bolton, Lancashire I14387
    8 BROOKS, Albert  CA 1923Bolton, Lancashire I8837
    9 BROOKS, Annie  CA 1905Bolton, Lancashire I14389
    10 BROOKS, Betsy  CA 1873Bolton, Lancashire I8877
    11 BROOKS, Clifford  CA 1930Bolton, Lancashire I8839
    12 BROOKS, Doris M  CA 1944Bolton, Lancashire I8841
    13 BROOKS, Edith  CA 1930Bolton, Lancashire I9735
    14 BROOKS, Ellen  CA 1903Bolton, Lancashire I9729
    15 BROOKS, Ellen  CA 1908Bolton, Lancashire I14390
    16 BROOKS, Emily  CA 1891Bolton, Lancashire I8879
    17 BROOKS, Ernest  CA 1897Bolton, Lancashire I9727
    18 BROOKS, Ernest  10 Jan 1917Bolton, Lancashire I9732
    19 BROOKS, Ethel  CA 1898Bolton, Lancashire I8848
    20 BROOKS, Harry  CA 1882Bolton, Lancashire I8878
    21 BROOKS, Herbert  CA 1905Bolton, Lancashire I9730
    22 BROOKS, Herbert W  CA 1920Bolton, Lancashire I9733
    23 BROOKS, James  CA 1916Bolton, Lancashire I9731
    24 BROOKS, John  CA 1882Bolton, Lancashire I14852
    25 BROOKS, John Clifford  21 Nov 1911Bolton, Lancashire I14850
    26 BROOKS, Joseph  CA 1886Bolton, Lancashire I9724
    27 BROOKS, Joseph  CA 1904Bolton, Lancashire I14388
    28 BROOKS, Lily  CA 1909Bolton, Lancashire I14391
    29 BROOKS, Lily  CA 1923Bolton, Lancashire I9734
    30 BROOKS, Mary A  CA 1926Bolton, Lancashire I8840
    31 BROOKS, Norman Edward  26 Jan 1921Bolton, Lancashire I8828
    32 BROOKS, Peter  CA 1871Bolton, Lancashire I8880
    33 BROOKS, Phyllis Mary  CA 1906Bolton, Lancashire I14854
    34 BROOKS, Richard  7 Feb 1841Bolton, Lancashire I8875
    35 BROOKS, Samuel  26 Aug 1868Bolton, Lancashire I8842
    36 BROOKS, Samuel  CA 1888Bolton, Lancashire I9725
    37 BROOKS, Samuel  CA 1909Bolton, Lancashire I8844
    38 BROOKS, Thomas  CA 1899Bolton, Lancashire I9728
    39 BROOKS, Walter  CA 1892Bolton, Lancashire I9720
    40 CROOKS, Sarah  CA 1865Bolton, Lancashire I9723
    41 GREENHALGH, Mary Alice  CA 1870Bolton, Lancashire I8846
    42 HARRISON, Honor  CA 1817Bolton, Lancashire I9739
    43 LEEMING, William  CA 1790Bolton, Lancashire I20714
    44 O'NEILL, Mary Ann  6 Apr 1873Bolton, Lancashire I8843
    45 WALMSLEY, Hannah  Abt 1849Bolton, Lancashire I2630
    46 WARREN, Harold  CA 1906Bolton, Lancashire I21170
    47 WILSON, Ethel Mary  CA 1893Bolton, Lancashire I21621
    48 YATES, Edna  10 Feb 1922Bolton, Lancashire I8829


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ASTLEY, Sarah  20 Jul 1842Bolton, Lancashire I8947
    2 BROOK, John  CA 1864Bolton, Lancashire I10048
    3 BROOKS, Albert  8 Apr 1974Bolton, Lancashire I8835
    4 BROOKS, Doris M  CA 1944Bolton, Lancashire I8841
    5 BROOKS, Mary A  CA 1926Bolton, Lancashire I8840
    6 BROOKS, Samuel  CA 1862Bolton, Lancashire I9738
    7 BROWNLOW, Alice [Cockshot]  5 Jan 1885Bolton, Lancashire I8951
    8 HARRISON, Honor  CA 1875Bolton, Lancashire I9739
    9 HART, Mary Alice  21 Dec 1976Bolton, Lancashire I8836
    10 WARREN, Harold  CA 1986Bolton, Lancashire I21170


    Matches 1 to 7 of 7

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOKS / BROWNLOW  14 Apr 1844Bolton, Lancashire F2648
    2 BROOKS / HART  10 Feb 1920Bolton, Lancashire F2621
    3 BROOKS / HOLLOWAY  CA 1900Bolton, Lancashire F4234
    4 BROOKS / O'NEILL  17 Aug 1895Bolton, Lancashire F2622
    5 BROOKS / WHITTLE  CA 1889Bolton, Lancashire F4326
    6 BROOKS / YATES  16 Oct 1948Bolton, Lancashire F2620
    7 WARREN / KENNY  CA 1930Bolton, Lancashire F6414