News: DNA testing is the only way to back up your traditional research and locate New, Hidden or Lost branches of your family tree - if you are a Male please test your YDNA at FTDNA and locate your hidden ancestors. BROOKS Surname YDNA Project. See also: Armitage DNA Project, Burrell DNA Project, Leeming DNA Project, Lockwood DNA Project & Nidderdale DNA Project.
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    California, USA [CA]



    Matches 1 to 25 of 25

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BROOKS, Donna June  CA 1958California, USA [CA] I20165
    2 BROOKS, Emma  CA 1872California, USA [CA] I9418
    3 BROOKS, Ennis E  CA 1960California, USA [CA] I20164
    4 BROOKS, Frederick T  CA 1914California, USA [CA] I9420
    5 BROOKS, Genevieve  CA 1924California, USA [CA] I11641
    6 BROOKS, George W  CA 1881California, USA [CA] I11645
    7 BROOKS, Irene L  CA 1898California, USA [CA] I9419
    8 BROOKS, Jack Lincoln  9 Oct 1916California, USA [CA] I14174
    9 BROOKS, James R  CA 1875California, USA [CA] I9417
    10 BROOKS, John Herron  16 Mar 1922California, USA [CA] I12267
    11 BROOKS, Louise  CA 1929California, USA [CA] I18816
    12 BROOKS, Mary D  CA 1880California, USA [CA] I11644
    13 BROOKS, Phipps  CA 1886California, USA [CA] I18817
    14 BROOKS, Royal  CA 1907California, USA [CA] I14177
    15 BROOKS, Vivian  CA 1918California, USA [CA] I11640
    16 BROOKS, William  CA 1864California, USA [CA] I9416
    17 FISHER, Patricia Jean  CA 1930California, USA [CA] I18114
    18 GRIOTT, Ann  CA 1925California, USA [CA] I19965
    19 GRIOTT, Margaret  CA 1919California, USA [CA] I19967
    20 GRIOTT, Richard  CA 1927California, USA [CA] I19966
    21 JONES, Georgia  CA 1897California, USA [CA] I11638
    22 LOCKWOOD, Howard Truman  11 Apr 1925California, USA [CA] I20430
    23 LOCKWOOD, Robert  CA 1934California, USA [CA] I20433
    24 RAGSDALE, Laura Denise  CA 1960California, USA [CA] I21185
    25 THOMPSON, Geneva  CA 1910California, USA [CA] I13753


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Minnie Lou  CA 2015California, USA [CA] I19695
    2 BOGLE, Martha Ruth  21 Nov 1958California, USA [CA] I4733
    3 BROOKS, David Thompson  CA 2011California, USA [CA] I13751
    4 BROOKS, Jack Lincoln  16 Oct 1976California, USA [CA] I14174
    5 BROOKS, James R  14 Aug 2012California, USA [CA] I18403
    6 BROOKS, John Herron  5 Apr 2009California, USA [CA] I12267
    7 LOCKE, Nathan Lee  19 Jan 1982California, USA [CA] I19689
    8 LOCKE, Vernon Milton Ray  20 Feb 1982California, USA [CA] I19693
    9 PERRY, Harold Craig  25 Jul 1925California, USA [CA] I21024
    10 RAGSDALE, Alva Oliver  CA 1978California, USA [CA] I21179
    11 RAGSDALE, Donald Dee  4 May 1991California, USA [CA] I21207
    12 RAGSDALE, Laura Denise  CA 1999California, USA [CA] I21185
    13 SAVAGE, Alice Laura  CA 1976California, USA [CA] I19690