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    Georgia, USA, [GA]



    Matches 1 to 50 of 200

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Cora  CA 1908Georgia, USA, [GA] I13677
    2 Ella  CA 1911Georgia, USA, [GA] I7481
    3 Lucinda  Georgia, USA, [GA] I4649
    4 Marcina  CA 1841Georgia, USA, [GA] I8662
    5 Mary  CA 1794Georgia, USA, [GA] I8334
    6 Maude  CA 1882Georgia, USA, [GA] I7478
    7 Nancy  CA 1822Georgia, USA, [GA] I13061
    8 Sarah  CA 1872Georgia, USA, [GA] I13682
    9 Viola  CA 1885Georgia, USA, [GA] I17462
    10 ANDERSON, Susie Mae  22 Oct 1922Georgia, USA, [GA] I12033
    11 AYCOCK, Richard M  CA 1843Georgia, USA, [GA] I15614
    12 BELL, Lavinia  CA 1857Georgia, USA, [GA] I17731
    13 BREWER, Rachel  CA 1800Georgia, USA, [GA] I7181
    14 BRIDGES, Amanda F  CA 1836Georgia, USA, [GA] I6695
    15 BROOK, William  CA 1823Georgia, USA, [GA] I8335
    16 BROOKE, Rufus Daniel  27 Dec 1844Georgia, USA, [GA] I8432
    17 BROOKS, Abagill E  CA 1855Georgia, USA, [GA] I12854
    18 BROOKS, Abram Parks  30 Apr 1846Georgia, USA, [GA] I8657
    19 BROOKS, Adolphus E  CA 1836Georgia, USA, [GA] I9337
    20 BROOKS, ? Albert Abner G ?  CA 1867Georgia, USA, [GA] I15615
    21 BROOKS, Alonzo C  CA 1912Georgia, USA, [GA] I13685
    22 BROOKS, Alter Burton  CA 1907Georgia, USA, [GA] I14048
    23 BROOKS, Amanda  CA 1828Georgia, USA, [GA] I9335
    24 BROOKS, Amanda  CA 1862Georgia, USA, [GA] I12857
    25 BROOKS, Andrew Parks  CA 1880Georgia, USA, [GA] I8668
    26 BROOKS, Anna  CA 1868Georgia, USA, [GA] I8664
    27 BROOKS, Annie  CA 1867Georgia, USA, [GA] I9664
    28 BROOKS, Annie  CA 1917Georgia, USA, [GA] I13687
    29 BROOKS, Annie L  CA 1897Georgia, USA, [GA] I8049
    30 BROOKS, Arabella  CA 1852Georgia, USA, [GA] I15907
    31 BROOKS, Archibald M  CA 1851Georgia, USA, [GA] I13846
    32 BROOKS, Arthur  CA 1930Georgia, USA, [GA] I13678
    33 BROOKS, Balaam  CA 1836Georgia, USA, [GA] I15910
    34 BROOKS, Ben T  CA 1843Georgia, USA, [GA] I15913
    35 BROOKS, Benjamin  CA 1861Georgia, USA, [GA] I13064
    36 BROOKS, Brittain  CA 1832Georgia, USA, [GA] I8059
    37 BROOKS, Calvin Moon  1 Apr 1878Georgia, USA, [GA] I11667
    38 BROOKS, Carlous R  CA 1894Georgia, USA, [GA] I8047
    39 BROOKS, Caroline  CA 1847Georgia, USA, [GA] I17741
    40 BROOKS, Celestial  CA 1885Georgia, USA, [GA] I17612
    41 BROOKS, Charles  CA 1859Georgia, USA, [GA] I17745
    42 BROOKS, Charles Douglas  4 Mar 1921Georgia, USA, [GA] I12032
    43 BROOKS, Clara M  CA 1896Georgia, USA, [GA] I8048
    44 BROOKS, Clarence Eugene  CA 1896Georgia, USA, [GA] I15243
    45 BROOKS, Columbus F  CA 1853Georgia, USA, [GA] I13847
    46 BROOKS, Cordelia  CA 1845Georgia, USA, [GA] I9340
    47 BROOKS, Daniel  CA 1871Georgia, USA, [GA] I8665
    48 BROOKS, Edward S  CA 1834Georgia, USA, [GA] I9336
    49 BROOKS, Elijah  CA 1790Georgia, USA, [GA] I7180
    50 BROOKS, Eliza  CA 1844Georgia, USA, [GA] I16960

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    Matches 1 to 20 of 20

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, Susie Mae  25 Dec 2005Georgia, USA, [GA] I12033
    2 AYCOCK, Richard M  3 Jul 1901Georgia, USA, [GA] I15614
    3 BEAUCHEL, Catherine  19 Jan 1868Georgia, USA, [GA] I8512
    4 BLEDSOE, May  27 May 1967Georgia, USA, [GA] I13438
    5 BROOKS, Alter Burton  21 Feb 1991Georgia, USA, [GA] I14048
    6 BROOKS, Charles Douglas  14 Nov 1985Georgia, USA, [GA] I12032
    7 BROOKS, Elijah  CA 1849Georgia, USA, [GA] I7180
    8 BROOKS, Francis Eugene  28 Apr 1996Georgia, USA, [GA] I13135
    9 BROOKS, Hubert C  CA 1986Georgia, USA, [GA] I8050
    10 BROOKS, James  CA 1812Georgia, USA, [GA] I4886
    11 BROOKS, James  CA 1827Georgia, USA, [GA] I9330
    12 BROOKS, Joseph  CA 1840Georgia, USA, [GA] I9621
    13 BROOKS, Middleton  16 Nov 1851Georgia, USA, [GA] I9328
    14 BROOKS, Susan  28 Dec 1913Georgia, USA, [GA] I15613
    15 BROOKS, William  29 Aug 1865Georgia, USA, [GA] I4696
    16 COBB, Phalbia  CA 1831Georgia, USA, [GA] I9331
    17 CODY, Lester Harold  23 May 1960Georgia, USA, [GA] I13437
    18 CODY, Lloyd  14 Nov 1982Georgia, USA, [GA] I13439
    19 HOOD, Susan M  19 Sep 1924Georgia, USA, [GA] I17464
    20 LEWIS, Ritchie Grace  7 Jun 1988Georgia, USA, [GA] I13440


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 AYCOCK / BROOKS  8 Sep 1869Georgia, USA, [GA] F4695
    2 BROOKS / ANDERSON  22 Dec 1941Georgia, USA, [GA] F3603
    3 BROOKS / GILMORE  CA 1820Georgia, USA, [GA] F1418
    4 BROOKS / KENT  29 Aug 1937Georgia, USA, [GA] F2803
    5 BROOKS / WYNN  CA 1825Georgia, USA, [GA] F1425