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    Knaresborough, Yorkshire


    Tree: BROOKS Family History

    Latitude: 54.0076444, Longitude: -1.4659000

    Tree: Burrell DNA Project

    Latitude: 54.0076444, Longitude: -1.4659000


    Matches 1 to 50 of 68

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 AINSWORTH, Isabella  CA 1886Knaresborough, Yorkshire I10219
    2 ANDERSON, Emma  Abt 1886Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2549
    3 ANDERSON, John  13 Jul 1883Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2548
    4 ANDERSON, Rachel  Abt 1880Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2547
    5 BEER, Winifred M  Abt 1916Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3452
    6 BOTTERILL, Alice  CA 1878Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3528
    7 BRAMLEY, Carrie  7 Jul 1891Knaresborough, Yorkshire I16729
    8 BROOKES, Ann  CA 1855Knaresborough, Yorkshire I10891
    9 BROOKS, Ellen  Abt 1836Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2584
    10 BROOKS, Harker  Abt 1833Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3724
    11 BROOKS, William  Abt 1834Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2585
    12 BROWN, Frederick William  18 Dec 1925Knaresborough, Yorkshire I13364
    13 BURRILL, Marjorie E  26 May 1927Knaresborough, Yorkshire I16869
    14 BURRILL, Robert V  26 Nov 1925Knaresborough, Yorkshire I16865
    15 CARTER, Margaret Valerie  Abt 1915Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1641
    16 CHANDLER, Robert Henry  CA 1913Knaresborough, Yorkshire I16811
    17 CHATTERTON, Thomas William  2 Jul 1900Knaresborough, Yorkshire I803
    18 CLARK, Ada  CA 1880Knaresborough, Yorkshire I13428
    19 CORKER, Florence R  CA 1925Knaresborough, Yorkshire I12649
    20 CUTHBERTSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1896Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2726
    21 DEAN, Gladys  CA 1931Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3987
    22 EARLEY, Rita Margaret  CA 1936Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14683
    23 EARLEY, Robert Ceddy  CA 1919Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14671
    24 HALL, Alice Jane  CA 1846Knaresborough, Yorkshire I15767
    25 HARRISON, Louisa Annie  CA 1877Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3763
    26 HERRINGTON, Elizabeth  4 Apr 1905Knaresborough, Yorkshire I13424
    27 HERRINGTON, Frank Archibald  12 Jan 1913Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1861
    28 HERRINGTON, Joseph  CA 1879Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1862
    29 HERRINGTON, Joseph  CA 1904Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3798
    30 HODGSON, Margaret  CA 1904Knaresborough, Yorkshire I4142
    31 HOWARD, Dinah  Abt 1819Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1288
    32 HOWARD, James  CA 1887Knaresborough, Yorkshire I17803
    33 JOHNSON, May Eveline Alice  CA 1884Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9960
    34 KAY, Mary Jane  25 Jul 1853Knaresborough, Yorkshire I822
    35 KEIGHLEY, Leslie  CA 1924Knaresborough, Yorkshire I16486
    36 LEE, Rosemary  Abt 1933Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1825
    37 LONGTHORN, Rachel  CA 1868Knaresborough, Yorkshire I603
    38 LUMB, Denise  CA 1944Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14679
    39 LUND, Elizabeth  CA 1835Knaresborough, Yorkshire I13430
    40 MORRISON, Doreen  CA 1932Knaresborough, Yorkshire I17753
    41 PARNABY, Winifred Annie  CA 1906Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3985
    42 RANSON, Robert  CA 1845Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9987
    43 RAWLINGSON, Reginald H  CA 1928Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14171
    44 RUMFIT, Thomas  CA 1814Knaresborough, Yorkshire I7763
    45 RUSSELL, Smith  CA 1815Knaresborough, Yorkshire I8803
    46 SCATCHARD, Catherine Susannah  Abt 1846Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2732
    47 SHAW, Francis J  CA 1923Knaresborough, Yorkshire I4140
    48 SHAW, Frederick W  CA 1913Knaresborough, Yorkshire I4136
    49 SHAW, Gordon  CA 1915Knaresborough, Yorkshire I4137
    50 SHAW, Harold C  CA 1918Knaresborough, Yorkshire I4138

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    Matches 1 to 44 of 44

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Lily  CA 1953Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14676
    2 (THACKWRAY), Eliza  Abt 1897Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3430
    3 ANDERSON, Elizabeth  CA 1898Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2502
    4 ANDERSON, John  Abt 1901Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2540
    5 ANDERSON, Louise  Abt 1882Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2546
    6 ANDERSON, Rachel  CA 1911Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2547
    7 BEER, Joshua  Abt 1895Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3429
    8 BROOKE, John Senior  12 May 1997Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14686
    9 BROOKS, Frederick Ascough  Abt 1924Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2557
    10 BROOKS, Harker  CA 1834Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3724
    11 BROOKS, John  CA 1834Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2603
    12 BURRILL, Elizabeth  CA 1936Knaresborough, Yorkshire I278
    13 CARTER, Margaret Valerie  Abt 1915Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1641
    14 CHATTERTON, William  27 Aug 1939Knaresborough, Yorkshire I821
    15 COLLINS, Stanley  25 Mar 2016Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14684
    16 CORKER, Florence R  CA 1925Knaresborough, Yorkshire I12649
    17 ELLERBY, Margaret Ann  1 Sep 1919Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14670
    18 ELSWORTH, Joseph  13 Dec 1859Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2504
    19 HANCOCK, Jane  5 Nov 1898Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11661
    20 HANCOCK, Mary  CA 1884Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11659
    21 HANCOCK, William Horsman  17 Mar 1892Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11660
    22 HENDERSON, Thomas Jeffrey  CA 1919Knaresborough, Yorkshire I1895
    23 HERRINGTON, Thomas  CA 1906Knaresborough, Yorkshire I13427
    24 HOWARD, William  CA 1910Knaresborough, Yorkshire I17805
    25 LEEK, John  CA 1891Knaresborough, Yorkshire I170
    26 LOADER, Jean Margaret  24 Oct 2006Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14687
    27 LONG, Annie  Abt 1909Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3416
    28 LUND, Kathleen  CA 2005Knaresborough, Yorkshire I14682
    29 MANNINGS, Mary Ann  Abt 1882Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3431
    30 PINN, Mary Eliza  Abt 1893Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3418
    31 PRICE, Margaret  Abt 1915Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3437
    32 REDFEARN, Nellie  Abt 1918Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2448
    33 ROBINSON, Isaac Henry  CA 1927Knaresborough, Yorkshire I264
    34 ROBINSON, Thomas  CA 1892Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3399
    35 ROBINSON, William  CA 1879Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3395
    36 SMITH, William John Robert  CA 1944Knaresborough, Yorkshire I258
    37 SWEETING, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1900Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11663
    38 SWEETING, Martin  CA 1864Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11662
    39 SWEETING, Martin Cass  7 May 1895Knaresborough, Yorkshire I11664
    40 UPTON, Sarah  CA 1900Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9978
    41 WELLS, Henry  CA 1908Knaresborough, Yorkshire I279
    42 WHINCUP, Enid  CA 1918Knaresborough, Yorkshire I761
    43 WHINCUP, George William  CA 1919Knaresborough, Yorkshire I758
    44 WILSON, Rose Eveline  CA 1892Knaresborough, Yorkshire I15653


    Matches 1 to 7 of 7

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 BAKE, Mary  1 Jun 1838Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2580
    2 BROOK, William [unproven]  28 Nov 1812Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9198
    3 BROOKS, Ellen  19 Aug 1836Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2584
    4 BROOKS, Emmanuel  20 Aug 1837Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3726
    5 BROOKS, Harker  27 May 1835Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3724
    6 BROOKS, John  1 Aug 1834Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2603
    7 BROOKS, William  6 Sep 1829Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3334


    Matches 1 to 13 of 13

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, Mary  26 Dec 1819Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2503
    2 ANDERSON, Thomas  4 May 1823Knaresborough, Yorkshire I178
    3 BROOK, Fanny  27 Nov 1814Knaresborough, Yorkshire I8802
    4 BROOK, John  4 Feb 1816Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9002
    5 BROOK, Mary  18 Apr 1813Knaresborough, Yorkshire I9001
    6 BROOKS, Ellen  20 Mar 1836Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2584
    7 BROOKS, Emmanuel  19 Feb 1837Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3726
    8 BROOKS, Harker  11 Aug 1833Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3724
    9 BROOKS, Mary  24 May 1835Knaresborough, Yorkshire I3725
    10 BROOKS, Roseanna  23 Nov 1839Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2575
    11 BROOKS, William  26 Jul 1834Knaresborough, Yorkshire I2585
    12 WILKINSON, Eliza 'CASEY'  7 May 1817Knaresborough, Yorkshire I17036
    13 WILSON, Tom  15 Jan 1865Knaresborough, Yorkshire I15651


    Matches 1 to 46 of 46

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 ANDERSON / BROTHERTON  25 Apr 1819Knaresborough, Yorkshire F761
    2 BARNES / BEER  Abt 1923Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1008
    3 BEER / (THACKWRAY)  Abt 1884Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1005
    4 BEER / BOTTERILL  CA 1897Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1036
    5 BEER / HINCHCLIFFE  Abt 1915Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1009
    6 BEER / PRICE  Abt 1877Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1006
    7 BROOK / WILKINSON  2 Jul 1812Knaresborough, Yorkshire F2633
    8 BURRILL / TURNER ?  Abt 1850Knaresborough, Yorkshire F427
    9 CASEY / WILKINSON  8 Dec 1819Knaresborough, Yorkshire F5211
    10 CHATTERTON / FOSTER  17 Oct 1898Knaresborough, Yorkshire F242
    11 CHATTERTON / KAY  14 Sep 1874Knaresborough, Yorkshire F248
    12 DAWSON / BULMER  CA 1847Knaresborough, Yorkshire F5085
    13 DONALDSON / EARLEY  CA 1931Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4404
    14 EARLEY /   CA 1928Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4405
    15 EARLEY / LUND  CA 1934Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4406
    16 GILL / WATERHOUSE  CA 1901Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3067
    17 GREAVES / REDFEARN  Abt 1918Knaresborough, Yorkshire F741
    18 HALL / THOMPSON  CA 1939Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1938
    19 HARRISON / HARLING  CA 1875Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4122
    20 HENDERSON / HARDCASTLE  CA 1944Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1286
    21 HENDERSON / RICHARDSON  CA 1936Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1188
    22 HERRINGTON / BROOKS  25 Dec 1829Knaresborough, Yorkshire F983
    23 HERRINGTON / CLARK  CA 1898Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4020
    24 HERRINGTON / MAWSON  Abt 1855Knaresborough, Yorkshire F988
    25 HERRINGTON / STEWART  Abt 1862Knaresborough, Yorkshire F984
    26 HILL / BUTLER  CA 1873Knaresborough, Yorkshire F113
    27 HILL / WRIGHTSON  CA 1933Knaresborough, Yorkshire F133
    28 IMESON / HOWARD  Abt 1841Knaresborough, Yorkshire F389
    29 KEIGHLEY / KING  CA 1920Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4990
    30 LEEMING / NEWBY  Abt 1895Knaresborough, Yorkshire F819
    31 LLOYD / EARLEY  CA 1923Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4403
    32 LOCKWOOD / ATKINSON  CA 1898Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3962
    33 LUMB / BROOKS  CA 1942Knaresborough, Yorkshire F4024
    34 MOUNTAIN / FISHER  CA 1899Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3029
    35 MOUNTAIN / WELLS  CA 1844Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3028
    36 MURGATROYD / BROWN  CA 1845Knaresborough, Yorkshire F2969
    37 NORMINGTON / ANDERSON  24 Mar 1819Knaresborough, Yorkshire F760
    38 ROBINSON / FEARNLEY  CA 1903Knaresborough, Yorkshire F2984
    39 ROBINSON / UPTON  CA 1851Knaresborough, Yorkshire F2961
    40 RUDDOCK / COATES  CA 1863Knaresborough, Yorkshire F2691
    41 SHAW / GLADWIN  CA 1904Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1227
    42 SHAW / HODGSON  CA 1929Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1228
    43 SHAW / LEWIS  12 Jun 1871Knaresborough, Yorkshire F105
    44 SWEETING / HANCOCK  CA 1850Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3460
    45 WELLING / BEER  Abt 1923Knaresborough, Yorkshire F1007
    46 WELLS / AINSWORTH  CA 1906Knaresborough, Yorkshire F3031