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    Louisiana, USA [LA]



    Matches 1 to 50 of 64

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Elaise M  CA 1917Louisiana, USA [LA] I12479
    2 Elizabeth  CA 1824Louisiana, USA [LA] I15712
    3 Florence  CA 1892Louisiana, USA [LA] I19979
    4 Olive  CA 1918Louisiana, USA [LA] I19976
    5 BROOK, Dillard Gilbert Jr  28 Nov 1913Louisiana, USA [LA] I8424
    6 BROOKS, Asbury  CA 1854Louisiana, USA [LA] I20000
    7 BROOKS, Bernice  CA 1907Louisiana, USA [LA] I12885
    8 BROOKS, Cecil M  CA 1925Louisiana, USA [LA] I19981
    9 BROOKS, Cornelia  CA 1897Louisiana, USA [LA] I19989
    10 BROOKS, Donald Glenn  CA 1937Louisiana, USA [LA] I19977
    11 BROOKS, Frances  CA 1850Louisiana, USA [LA] I19999
    12 BROOKS, Hardy  CA 1891Louisiana, USA [LA] I19987
    13 BROOKS, Homer  CA 1906Louisiana, USA [LA] I12884
    14 BROOKS, James G  CA 1881Louisiana, USA [LA] I19985
    15 BROOKS, Jimmy Douglas  CA 1934Louisiana, USA [LA] I19974
    16 BROOKS, Jimmy Douglas  CA 1979Louisiana, USA [LA] I19959
    17 BROOKS, John W  CA 1852Louisiana, USA [LA] I19982
    18 BROOKS, Jordon C  CA 1886Louisiana, USA [LA] I19978
    19 BROOKS, Jordon C  CA 1916Louisiana, USA [LA] I19975
    20 BROOKS, Lambert  CA 1895Louisiana, USA [LA] I19988
    21 BROOKS, Lucille  CA 1913Louisiana, USA [LA] I19980
    22 BROOKS, Lula  CA 1874Louisiana, USA [LA] I19995
    23 BROOKS, Mary  CA 1933Louisiana, USA [LA] I8678
    24 BROOKS, Maxa  CA 1900Louisiana, USA [LA] I19990
    25 BROOKS, Nathan  CA 1858Louisiana, USA [LA] I20001
    26 BROOKS, Sarah  CA 1880Louisiana, USA [LA] I19984
    27 BROOKS, Susie  CA 1888Louisiana, USA [LA] I19986
    28 BROOKS, William  CA 1876Louisiana, USA [LA] I19996
    29 CARR, Sallie  CA 1859Louisiana, USA [LA] I19983
    30 CLAYTON, Eliza Ann  CA 1815Louisiana, USA [LA] I12134
    31 DOWDEN, Pearly Estelle  CA 1913Louisiana, USA [LA] I12451
    32 FARRIS, Lizzie Oleta  CA 1917Louisiana, USA [LA] I13286
    33 ISGITT, Nancy Jane  CA 1877Louisiana, USA [LA] I12453
    34 LOCKWOOD, Anna  CA 1887Louisiana, USA [LA] I12470
    35 LOCKWOOD, Aurie J  CA 1904Louisiana, USA [LA] I12457
    36 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin Edward  20 Apr 1905Louisiana, USA [LA] I12450
    37 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin Jackson  14 Jan 1875Louisiana, USA [LA] I12452
    38 LOCKWOOD, Benny Ray  8 Apr 1934Louisiana, USA [LA] I12448
    39 LOCKWOOD, Bobby  CA 1938Louisiana, USA [LA] I12456
    40 LOCKWOOD, Clifton Narrah  13 Dec 1917Louisiana, USA [LA] I12476
    41 LOCKWOOD, Dennis  CA 1876Louisiana, USA [LA] I12466
    42 LOCKWOOD, Dora  CA 1892Louisiana, USA [LA] I12471
    43 LOCKWOOD, Elizabeth  CA 1878Louisiana, USA [LA] I12467
    44 LOCKWOOD, Ernest  CA 1884Louisiana, USA [LA] I12469
    45 LOCKWOOD, Franklin  CA 1838Louisiana, USA [LA] I15715
    46 LOCKWOOD, George Washington  8 Sep 1853Louisiana, USA [LA] I12463
    47 LOCKWOOD, Grover H  CA 1915Louisiana, USA [LA] I12461
    48 LOCKWOOD, Isobel  CA 1911Louisiana, USA [LA] I12460
    49 LOCKWOOD, James  CA 1842Louisiana, USA [LA] I15717
    50 LOCKWOOD, Jan Allison  CA 1962Louisiana, USA [LA] I20252

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    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 DOWDEN, Pearly Estelle  5 Jan 1985Louisiana, USA [LA] I12451
    2 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin Edward  15 Nov 1963Louisiana, USA [LA] I12450
    3 LOCKWOOD, Jan Allison  CA 1962Louisiana, USA [LA] I20252
    4 LOCKWOOD, Leander W  6 Nov 1907Louisiana, USA [LA] I12465


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
    1 LOCKWOOD, Narra Cade  5 Jun 1917Louisiana, USA [LA] I12472


    Matches 1 to 3 of 3

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOK / FARRIS  18 Jul 1937Louisiana, USA [LA] F2525
    2 LOCKWOOD /   15 May 1937Louisiana, USA [LA] F3736
    3 LOCKWOOD / ISGITT  CA 1896Louisiana, USA [LA] F3733