News: DNA testing is the only way to back up your traditional research and locate New, Hidden or Lost branches of your family tree - if you are a Male please test your YDNA at FTDNA and locate your hidden ancestors. BROOKS Surname YDNA Project. See also: Armitage DNA Project, Burrell DNA Project, Leeming DNA Project, Lockwood DNA Project & Nidderdale DNA Project.
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    New Zealand



    Matches 1 to 11 of 11

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 JAMES, Nita  CA 1901New Zealand I13414
    2 LOCKWOOD, Amelia  CA 1900New Zealand I11115
    3 LOCKWOOD, Barry William  CA 1953New Zealand I11081
    4 LOCKWOOD, Beryl  CA 1928New Zealand I11106
    5 LOCKWOOD, Donald George Henry  7 Aug 1930New Zealand I11107
    6 LOCKWOOD, Joan  CA 1920New Zealand I11105
    7 LOCKWOOD, John  CA 1908New Zealand I11119
    8 RHODES, Charles Whitwam  CA 1904New Zealand I18797
    9 RHODES, Kenneth Whitwam  CA 1924New Zealand I20990
    10 SPARKES, Lilian  CA 1870New Zealand I13412
    11 WALKER, Ruby  CA 1885New Zealand I16188


    Matches 1 to 21 of 21

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Barbara Rosemary  CA 2019New Zealand I20871
    2 BEAUMONT, Joseph  CA 1892New Zealand I13403
    3 BEAUMONT, Joseph  21 Nov 1939New Zealand I13411
    4 BEAUMONT, Joshua  12 May 1928New Zealand I13404
    5 BEAUMONT, Leonard  CA 1995New Zealand I13413
    6 BEAUMONT, Owen  CA 1991New Zealand I13408
    7 BROOKE, Anthony  CA 2011New Zealand I18021
    8 DEAN, Gladys  CA 2013New Zealand I3987
    9 JAMES, Nita  CA 1975New Zealand I13414
    10 LEEMING, Thomas Stapleton  CA 2020New Zealand I20866
    11 LOCKWOOD, Barry William  CA 2020New Zealand I11081
    12 LOCKWOOD, Beryl  CA 1988New Zealand I11106
    13 LOCKWOOD, Donald George Henry  14 Feb 2009New Zealand I11107
    14 LOCKWOOD, Joan  CA 2003New Zealand I11105
    15 RAWLINGSON, Reginald H  CA 2015New Zealand I14171
    16 RHODES, Charles Whitwam  CA 1980New Zealand I18797
    17 RHODES, Kenneth Whitwam  CA 2014New Zealand I20990
    18 SPARKES, Emily  CA 1931New Zealand I13405
    19 SPARKES, Lilian  CA 1910New Zealand I13412
    20 STEPHEN, Margaret  CA 1942New Zealand I11118
    21 SWALLOW, Eleanor  4 Mar 1880New Zealand I13402


    Matches 1 to 5 of 5

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BEAUMONT / OWEN  CA 1924New Zealand F3942
    2 BEAUMONT / SPARKES  CA 1891New Zealand F3944
    3 LOCKWOOD / ANDERSON  CA 1919New Zealand F3235
    4 LOCKWOOD / EADES  CA 1900New Zealand F3239
    5 RHODES / MOLLISON  CA 1923New Zealand F5656