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    Texas, USA [TX]


    Tree: BROOKS Family History

    Latitude: 31.2502806, Longitude: -99.2502806

    Tree: Burrell DNA Project

    Latitude: 31.2502806, Longitude: -99.2502806


    Matches 1 to 50 of 104

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Edna  CA 1910Texas, USA [TX] I9499
    2 Eliza  CA 1838Texas, USA [TX] I12141
    3 Lela  CA 1885Texas, USA [TX] I11993
    4 Lillie  CA 1898Texas, USA [TX] I15234
    5 Martha Leora  CA 1891Texas, USA [TX] I10992
    6 Nellie S  CA 1883Texas, USA [TX] I15970
    7 BANKS, Goldie Leona  17 Jan 1919Texas, USA [TX] I11006
    8 BROMAGEN, Dorothy Estelle  CA 1936Texas, USA [TX] I16063
    9 BROOKS, Abel  CA 1852Texas, USA [TX] I12407
    10 BROOKS, Anna L  CA 1931Texas, USA [TX] I9502
    11 BROOKS, Anna R  CA 1906Texas, USA [TX] I9494
    12 BROOKS, Anthara  CA 1847Texas, USA [TX] I12137
    13 BROOKS, Arly Hendrick  5 Nov 1923Texas, USA [TX] I17303
    14 BROOKS, Ballard  CA 1855Texas, USA [TX] I12408
    15 BROOKS, Benton  CA 1918Texas, USA [TX] I11011
    16 BROOKS, Beverley B  CA 1839Texas, USA [TX] I12140
    17 BROOKS, Burton  22 Nov 1875Texas, USA [TX] I12610
    18 BROOKS, Charles  CA 1841Texas, USA [TX] I12403
    19 BROOKS, Charlotte  CA 1857Texas, USA [TX] I12139
    20 BROOKS, Claud  CA 1909Texas, USA [TX] I16848
    21 BROOKS, Clifford  CA 1923Texas, USA [TX] I11002
    22 BROOKS, Dolly  CA 1885Texas, USA [TX] I10988
    23 BROOKS, Doyle  CA 1924Texas, USA [TX] I17404
    24 BROOKS, Effie Frances  CA 1876Texas, USA [TX] I4972
    25 BROOKS, Ernest William Jr  CA 1925Texas, USA [TX] I8044
    26 BROOKS, Eva Lucile  CA 1904Texas, USA [TX] I9652
    27 BROOKS, Examander  CA 1895Texas, USA [TX] I17526
    28 BROOKS, Fairy Fay  CA 1916Texas, USA [TX] I10996
    29 BROOKS, Fannie E  CA 1903Texas, USA [TX] I9492
    30 BROOKS, Forman  CA 1883Texas, USA [TX] I10999
    31 BROOKS, Frances Ann  CA 1836Texas, USA [TX] I12144
    32 BROOKS, Frederick  CA 1926Texas, USA [TX] I17315
    33 BROOKS, George Harmon  22 Dec 1872Texas, USA [TX] I9322
    34 BROOKS, George W  CA 1845Texas, USA [TX] I12136
    35 BROOKS, Henry Clayton  25 Feb 1883Texas, USA [TX] I12121
    36 BROOKS, Henry Clayton Jr  17 Feb 1914Texas, USA [TX] I12119
    37 BROOKS, Hettie Eugene  CA 1878Texas, USA [TX] I4974
    38 BROOKS, James  CA 1850Texas, USA [TX] I12406
    39 BROOKS, James A  CA 1914Texas, USA [TX] I10995
    40 BROOKS, James Colwell  7 Feb 1889Texas, USA [TX] I4980
    41 BROOKS, James F  CA 1879Texas, USA [TX] I10987
    42 BROOKS, James M  CA 1843Texas, USA [TX] I12135
    43 BROOKS, Jasper C  CA 1879Texas, USA [TX] I17529
    44 BROOKS, Jasper Earl  CA 1888Texas, USA [TX] I15478
    45 BROOKS, Joe R  CA 1936Texas, USA [TX] I9501
    46 BROOKS, John A  CA 1877Texas, USA [TX] I10986
    47 BROOKS, Joseph Archie  CA 1894Texas, USA [TX] I12496
    48 BROOKS, Joseph Marion  CA 1874Texas, USA [TX] I17617
    49 BROOKS, Joseph W  CA 1908Texas, USA [TX] I9495
    50 BROOKS, Josephine A  30 Aug 1887Texas, USA [TX] I4979

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    Matches 1 to 21 of 21

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BANKS, Goldie Leona  14 Jul 1995Texas, USA [TX] I11006
    2 BROMAGEN, Dorothy Estelle  CA 1984Texas, USA [TX] I16063
    3 BROOK, Dillard Gilbert  28 Jul 1967Texas, USA [TX] I8425
    4 BROOK, Martha Ann  15 Apr 1963Texas, USA [TX] I13284
    5 BROOK, Ruth Evelyn  16 Jan 2004Texas, USA [TX] I13285
    6 BROOK, Samuel  CA 1860Texas, USA [TX] I8427
    7 BROOKS, Ernest William Jr  11 Apr 2012Texas, USA [TX] I8044
    8 BROOKS, George Harmon  CA 1936Texas, USA [TX] I9322
    9 BROOKS, George Washington  1 Feb 1887Texas, USA [TX] I12133
    10 BROOKS, Hamill Pratt  4 Jul 1955Texas, USA [TX] I9485
    11 BROOKS, Jim Tom  1966Texas, USA [TX] I12609
    12 BROOKS, Joab W  CA 1908Texas, USA [TX] I9323
    13 BROOKS, John T  CA 1880Texas, USA [TX] I4906
    14 BROOKS, Oscar "Old" Texas  6 Dec 1926Texas, USA [TX] I12125
    15 BROOKS, Walter Green  23 Apr 1925Texas, USA [TX] I9481
    16 BROOKS, Wilson Freeman  1 Oct 1971Texas, USA [TX] I9321
    17 DARWIN, Alice Lillian  1 Nov 1957Texas, USA [TX] I12122
    18 FARRIS, Lizzie Oleta  CA 1969Texas, USA [TX] I13286
    19 HILL, Virgie Lavinia  CA 1928Texas, USA [TX] I9645
    20 LOCKWOOD, Benny Ray  17 Dec 1990Texas, USA [TX] I12448
    21 PERRY, Sophronia Frances  30 Dec 1890Texas, USA [TX] I9484


    Matches 1 to 4 of 4

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BROOK / HOSEY  CA 1868Texas, USA [TX] F2527
    2 BROOKS / CLAYTON  23 Jan 1862Texas, USA [TX] F1481
    3 BROOKS / DARWIN  9 Nov 1909Texas, USA [TX] F3627
    4 BROOKS / HILL  17 Sep 1868Texas, USA [TX] F1393


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Divorced    Family ID 
    1 CROSSLAND / WADE  4 May 1973Texas, USA [TX] F4801