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    Wharfedale, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 53.9188250, Longitude: -1.8324972


    Matches 1 to 10 of 10

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 CORKER, William A  CA 1925Wharfedale, Yorkshire I10111
    2 DOBSON, Jean Thwaites  CA 1919Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13985
    3 DOBSON, Mabel Doreen  CA 1922Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13986
    4 FIELD, Paul William  1 Jul 1949Wharfedale, Yorkshire I1281
    5 LAYTON, Ralph Mesnil  8 Jul 1920Wharfedale, Yorkshire I1958
    6 LEEMING, Roy A  CA 1930Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13711
    7 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Irene  CA 1914Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3820
    8 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Mabel  CA 1916Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3823
    9 ROBINSON, James R  CA 1926Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13918
    10 WEATHERHEAD, Richard Arnett  CA 1913Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13841


    Matches 1 to 32 of 32

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ATKINSON, Esther  Abt 1900Wharfedale, Yorkshire I1658
    2 BATESON, James  CA 1889Wharfedale, Yorkshire I222
    3 BROOKS, James  CA 1876Wharfedale, Yorkshire I5995
    4 BROOKS, Olive Gertrude  CA 1955Wharfedale, Yorkshire I1860
    5 BUTLER, Mary Ann  Abt 1889Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2238
    6 CORKER, Granville  CA 1935Wharfedale, Yorkshire I10105
    7 CORKER, Joseph  CA 1909Wharfedale, Yorkshire I10098
    8 DEAN, Thomas Darling  CA 1904Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3993
    9 DOBSON, Benjamin Walker  CA 1918Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2356
    10 DOBSON, Francis  CA 1874Wharfedale, Yorkshire I715
    11 DOBSON, Hezekiah  Abt 1900Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2340
    12 DOBSON, James  Abt 1901Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2339
    13 DOBSON, Martha  Abt 1889Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2343
    14 DOBSON, Mary  Abt 1895Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2335
    15 HOWSON, Isabella  Abt 1899Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2232
    16 JACKSON, Grace  CA 1873Wharfedale, Yorkshire I5996
    17 LAYFIELD, Robert  Abt 1905Wharfedale, Yorkshire I1659
    18 LEEMING, John  CA 1890Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2948
    19 LEEMING, Robert Calvert  CA 1972Wharfedale, Yorkshire I13706
    20 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Annie  CA 1911Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3819
    21 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Harry  CA 1906Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3817
    22 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Hilda  CA 1910Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3847
    23 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Irene  CA 1915Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3820
    24 MCLANDSBOROUGH, James  CA 1917Wharfedale, Yorkshire I865
    25 MCLANDSBOROUGH, Mabel  CA 1918Wharfedale, Yorkshire I3823
    26 MYERS, Ann  Abt 1891Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2385
    27 ODDIE, Philip C A  CA 1945Wharfedale, Yorkshire I15080
    28 PYBUS, John  CA 1864Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2247
    29 SAYER, Jane  Abt 1887Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2369
    30 SCOTT, Dinah Ann  Abt 1894Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2302
    31 SCOTT, Sarah Ann  Abt 1882Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2386
    32 SMITH, Samuel  Abt 1887Wharfedale, Yorkshire I2299


    Matches 1 to 26 of 26

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 BEECROFT / DEMAINE  CA 1904Wharfedale, Yorkshire F560
    2 BOOTHAM / BUTLER  Abt 1899Wharfedale, Yorkshire F707
    3 BROOK / STAPLETON  CA 1899Wharfedale, Yorkshire F1959
    4 BROOKES / EMMOTT  Abt 1879Wharfedale, Yorkshire F1078
    5 BROOKS / MOORE  CA 1903Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4111
    6 BROOKS / SUTCLIFFE  CA 1874Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4110
    7 BROWN / LAYFIELD  Abt 1886Wharfedale, Yorkshire F967
    8 BUTLER / DUNNING  Abt 1895Wharfedale, Yorkshire F705
    9 CORKER / PRESTON  CA 1903Wharfedale, Yorkshire F3003
    10 CORKER / WHITAKER  CA 1909Wharfedale, Yorkshire F3004
    11 DAWKINS / DOBSON  CA 1947Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4190
    12 DOBSON / MYERS  Abt 1870Wharfedale, Yorkshire F725
    13 DONNAN / DOBSON  CA 1944Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4189
    14 HEATON / ROBINSON  CA 1930Wharfedale, Yorkshire F2986
    15 LAYFIELD / EMMOTT  Abt 1886Wharfedale, Yorkshire F965
    16 LAYFIELD / HESELTINE  Abt 1873Wharfedale, Yorkshire F968
    17 LAYFIELD / PRYCE  Abt 1895Wharfedale, Yorkshire F966
    18 LEEMING / BRUMFITT  CA 1952Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4106
    19 LEEMING / TOWN  CA 1926Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4105
    20 LISTER / RUSHWORTH  CA 1906Wharfedale, Yorkshire F1260
    21 MCLANDSBOROUGH / GOODALL  CA 1904Wharfedale, Yorkshire F1133
    22 MCLEOD / DOBSON  Abt 1880Wharfedale, Yorkshire F728
    23 ROBINSON / CARTER  Abt 1886Wharfedale, Yorkshire F698
    24 ROBINSON / SCOTT  CA 1908Wharfedale, Yorkshire F2985
    25 WEATHERHEAD / ARNETT  CA 1906Wharfedale, Yorkshire F4140
    26 WILD / LAWSON  Abt 1868Wharfedale, Yorkshire F485