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    Holmfirth, Yorkshire



    Latitude: 53.5681806, Longitude: -1.7885833


    Matches 1 to 34 of 34

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ARMITAGE, Sarah Elizabeth  CA 1861Holmfirth, Yorkshire I20763
    2 BEEVER, Mary Ellen  CA 1883Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7310
    3 BROOK, Harriett Ann  CA 1859Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14593
    4 BROOK, John  CA 1870Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7580
    5 BROOK, John Harry  22 Jul 1866Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14580
    6 BROOKS, Catherine A  CA 1857Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14410
    7 BROOKS, Florence  CA 1860Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14412
    8 BROOKS, Frederick William  1 Jan 1855Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14402
    9 BROOKS, Herbert  CA 1859Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14411
    10 BROOKS, John Henry  CA 1852Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14413
    11 BROOKS, Jonathan  CA 1791Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13716
    12 BROOKS, Thomas Greener  CA 1854Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14409
    13 BUTTERWORTH, Frances  CA 1863Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7179
    14 CASTLE, Harriet  CA 1881Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7581
    15 GARTSIDE, Eliza  Abt 1829Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7053
    16 HIRST, Lucy  28 Feb 1852Holmfirth, Yorkshire I18823
    17 LOCKWOOD, Albert  29 Jan 1887Holmfirth, Yorkshire I20755
    18 LOCKWOOD, Amy Eveline  CA 1887Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7309
    19 LOCKWOOD, Fanny  CA 1815Holmfirth, Yorkshire I11654
    20 LOCKWOOD, Frank  CA 1904Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7285
    21 LOCKWOOD, Gwendolen May  CA 1907Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7284
    22 LOCKWOOD, Harry  CA 1905Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7311
    23 LOCKWOOD, James  CA 1855Holmfirth, Yorkshire I20761
    24 LOCKWOOD, Nelson  CA 1906Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7312
    25 LOCKWOOD, Percy  CA 1883Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7308
    26 METTRICK, Robert  CA 1862Holmfirth, Yorkshire I17687
    27 SHAW, Marjorie  23 Aug 1912Holmfirth, Yorkshire I831
    28 SWALLOW, Eleanor  CA 1828Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13402
    29 SYKES, Ann  CA 1861Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7276
    30 SYKES, Arnold Lockwood  CA 1892Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7280
    31 SYKES, Cecilia Lockwood  CA 1894Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7281
    32 SYKES, John Lewis Lockwood  CA 1896Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7282
    33 SYKES, Marian Lockwood  CA 1897Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7283
    34 SYKES, Randolph Lockwood  CA 1899Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7286


    Matches 1 to 14 of 14

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
    1 BRAY, Betty  19 Jan 1820Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13058
    2 LOCKWOOD, Asa  3 May 1843Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13031
    3 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin  1 Mar 1759Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13055
    4 LOCKWOOD, John  9 Feb 1802Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7275
    5 LOCKWOOD, John  5 Jan 1822Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13052
    6 LOCKWOOD, Joseph  16 Sep 1826Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7113
    7 LOCKWOOD, Joseph  8 Nov 1832Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13027
    8 LOCKWOOD, Luke  27 Feb 1807Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13028
    9 LOCKWOOD, Manasseh  19 Jun 1883Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7116
    10 LOCKWOOD, Martha  23 Sep 1868Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7246
    11 LOCKWOOD, Mary  22 Jun 1799Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7274
    12 LOCKWOOD, Sarah  30 May 1877Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7244
    13 SHAW, Ann  4 Aug 1888Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7331
    14 SYKES, Randolph Lockwood  7 Feb 1900Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7286


    Matches 1 to 19 of 19

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
    1 BRAY, Betty  16 Oct 1743Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13058
    2 BROADHEAD, Edmund  8 Nov 1796Holmfirth, Yorkshire I17589
    3 BROADHEAD, Joshua  3 Sep 1817Holmfirth, Yorkshire I8346
    4 BROOK, Benjamin  2 Nov 1834Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14612
    5 BROOK, Emor  2 May 1830Holmfirth, Yorkshire I14592
    6 LOCKWOOD, Asa  6 Mar 1768Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13031
    7 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin  CA 1745Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13055
    8 LOCKWOOD, John  17 Mar 1739Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13052
    9 LOCKWOOD, John  26 Dec 1765Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13029
    10 LOCKWOOD, Jonathan  26 May 1770Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13032
    11 LOCKWOOD, Joseph [Unproven]  22 Aug 1756Holmfirth, Yorkshire I10969
    12 LOCKWOOD, Joseph  1 Apr 1774Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7113
    13 LOCKWOOD, Luke  24 May 1741Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13028
    14 LOCKWOOD, Lydia  Nov 1748Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13056
    15 LOCKWOOD, Lydia  25 Jan 1835Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7112
    16 LOCKWOOD, Martha  26 Dec 1743Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13053
    17 LOCKWOOD, Martha  8 Nov 1763Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13030
    18 LOCKWOOD, Thomas  4 Feb 1838Holmfirth, Yorkshire I7332
    19 LOCKWOOD, William  11 Apr 1737Holmfirth, Yorkshire I13051


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 LOCKWOOD / HINCHCLIFFE  25 Dec 1835Holmfirth, Yorkshire F3436